Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The Unadulterated Joy of Beethhoven

No words I might add would make it any better.


Silke said...

it's not Beethoven but I hope it might please some of you around here

Thomas Seddon Jerusalem and the Valley of Jehoshaphat from the Hill of Evil Counsel, 1854-5, Tate

Thomas Seddon, The Mountains of Moab, 1854, Tate (sounds biblical to me)

John Singer Sargent, The Plains of Esdraelon, 1905, Tate

David Bomberg, Jerusalem, Looking to Mount Scopus, 1925, Tate

Barry Meislin said...

So when is Zubin Mehta retiring?

Anonymous said...


your links don't work.

Regards, André

Silke said...

oops sorry
the ones in here work

but I now realise that the most beautiful of them all (IMHO) got apparently eaten by the comment thread.

here it is:
David Wilkie, Jews at the Wailing Wall, Jerusalem, 1854, University of Dundee

nadine said...

Save the file. When little Jonathan grows up and becomes a conductor for real, boy, will you be able to embarrass him!