Sunday, January 16, 2011

Bil'in on You-Tube

Balfour St. has been watching Palestinian videos from Bil'in. As you'd expect, the only way to see them as evidence for any Israeli wrongdoing, not to mention brutality, is if you've decided in advance that's what you're going to see, irrespective of reality. If you're impartial, neutral, or have any understanding of police work, riots, military occupations or other relevant matters, they show an IDF that's doing just fine.

My favorite snippet is near the end of the first video: a Palestinian demonstrator on a wheelchair has been overtaken by the Israeli troops, and he sits among them (embeded, might we say?) as they shoot tear-gas canisters at his folks. A few seconds later the troops have stopped at the line they wished to reach, and they're flanked by a handful of Palestinian men who for whatever reason haven't fallen back. So there's a line of IDF troops and Palestinian men, facing a second line of Palestinian demonstrators and photographers.

You couldn't make this up.

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Silke said...

no idea where this happened but the other day it said Bilin had produced 200 injured Israeli security over time

and here are another 3

2 soldiers+1 border policeman lightly injured by rocks hurled @ Ni'lin, Dir Nizam riots. After immdt treatment,1soldier moved to hospital