Thursday, January 27, 2011

Israeli Loonies Envy Egyptians

Hagar Sheizaf and Bar Rose, contributing to +972, Israel's radical-Left community, reporting from the demonstrations in Cairo:
We would be lying if we said we did not envy the Egyptian people: Seeing masses of people out on the streets to protest for what they believe in is something we, as Israelis, can only dream of now. And it is truly frightening to think that similar masses of Israelis will act only when have experienced the levels of oppression and rage that people are experiencing here.‬
There may be more than one possible way to read this statement, but I can't think of any that makes any sense. (h/t Noah)


Silke said...

which reminds me that Nick Cohen in "What's Left?" guessed/claimed that his generation of lefties had become such looneys out of Spanish Civil War envy.

Anybody who has read Orwell on the experience surely can understand their longing.


Carrie said...

Mark my words- In 5 years, or less, we are going to witness Lisa Goldman and maybe another writer from this 972 rag walking around in a hijab screaming crazily about Zionists just like their ideological sisters in arms, Tali Fahima and Lauren Booth.

AKUS said...

"...Israelis will act only when have experienced the levels of oppression and rage that people are experiencing here.‬"

Amazing how they miss the point.

Israelis have never experienced the levels of oppression that is the daily situation in Arab countries.

Therefore, Israelis do not, and will not, riot in the streets.

In addition, Israelis are justifiably more worried by the actions of the countries around them than the situation in their own country.

Loony leftists like this have actually done more to destroy the left than anything I can think of.

Nimrod said...

I wish they would leave Israel and move to Egypt. No one here is stopping them, and they have more in common with the average Egyptian than the average Israeli. Since we are more oppressive than Myanmar, they should leave before they are trapped here

NormanF said...

The chances are good Egypt will become an Islamist dictatorship before it becomes a democracy.

Its not Western style freedom millions of Arabs are after.

Y. Ben-David said...

Maybe people get the kind of regime they deserve? Didn't these Egyptians put up with this regime for years?
It is interesting how these radical Leftists get all turned on with "mass uprisings", with little concern about what follows.

peterthehungarian said...

...similar masses of Israelis will act only when have experienced the levels of oppression and rage that people are experiencing here.‬

But they did experience a much more high level of opression and persecution for two thousands years. Exactly this is the reason that the huge majority of them treat these stupid ignorants
with contempt.

These idiots shouldn't participate in the demonstrations in Egypt showing their Jewishness. Their survival time before their lynching would be measured by minutes.

Don Cox said...

I read it as "Rioting looks like a lot of fun, I wish I was there."

cutman said...

I always knew those who chant the mantra, "only democracy in the Middle East," don't really care about democracy. The reaction among Israel supporters to the Egyptian uprising is proof of that.

In the immortal words of Ali Abunimah, עם מצרים חי

Barry Meislin said...

If you're trying to tie Israel into what's happening in Egypt you'll have to do quite a bit better than that. Most Israelis would love it if there were democracy in Egypt (but they know what "democracy" is like in Arab countries, so color them skeptical).

Still, the primary consideration for (most) Israelis is that Egypt does not revert to becoming a belligerent neighbor.

Even if there are those who have trouble understanding that .

Keep on quoting Ali Abunimah. He's one funny dude!