Friday, January 21, 2011

Links Two

Michael Oren suggests how peace between Israelis and Palestinians can be reached, even while insisting Jerusalem can't be divided (which it cant of course).

Peter Berkowitz has what seems a serious discussion of how damaging the Goldstone Report is to the practice of international law. It's been online for awhile already, but I only just stumbled across it.


Anonymous said...

The current issue of Viewpoint, the magazine of National Council of Young Israel has an article titled "Jerusalem: To Divide or Not to Divide" by Chaim Silberstein. But the title really should be: "Don't Divide Jerusalem." I think it is a really fine article, covering a lot of ground: historic, legal, political, demographic, etc.

He starts off by talking about international law and the status of the Mandate. He claims the Jewish legal claim to the territory captured in 1967 is actually stronger than the Jordanian/Palestinian, if I understand him. I really don't have the background to understand his case, I'm hoping someone here will take a look and be willing to comment on it.

You have to download a PDF of the entire magazine to read the article, but it is well worth the while. here is the link:

He also referenced this website, which I have not examined:


Sylvia said...

The Tirkel Commission has now completed its investigation of the events on the Marmara. The very detailed report is now being broadcast - read as I am writing this. From what I've heard so far, it puts to shreds anything that has bgeen published about it so far.

Anonymous said...

An English version is available at the commission's website

They deserve quite a bit of credit for getting it up so quickly.