Monday, February 28, 2011

Gaddafi Benficiaries Boycott Israel

I've been a bit lax with blogging recently. I expect I'll return by and by. In the meantime, you might be tickled to learn that along with the various English academic institutions who overlooked the entire truth about Saif al-Islam's identity as the son of a dictator in their haste to accept his money (or rather, the money his family has stolen), there are also some prominent boycotters of Israel. Israel being such a uniquely horrendous place, you see.


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Silke said...

According to this first ever event of the Middle East Centre it could come into being only after Fred Halliday had died

According to their website they have operate on a grant from UAE and if you surfe it a bit their claim that they see Israel as a part of the ME an equal with all the other countries becomes without anything else, highly dubious. The Middle East Centre itself seems not to have been the recipient of the Ghadaffi money and I couldn't figure out who it was. I'd bet on wherever he passed his exams, since the Middle East Center was founded in 2006 but sprang into life only after Halliday's death

Remarkable for me about the LSE is that they are the only of my podcast suppliers who still run an ample an offer of lectures as they always did. All the others have scaled down since the "crisis" broke or maybe book presentations have just gone out of fashion, who knows ;-)

All you have to do is to listen a bit into this and you know that it will be nothing but a heap of dreck.

and here is what I found during a quick check yeserday

Sérgio said...

The moral bankruptcy of british academics is boundless. They are so transparently and openly fraudulent hypocritical money-grabbers, projecting all their failures and immorality onto mythical evil zionists, that´s hard to believe someone can give them any attention. Decadent Albion...

Silke said...

a very very long and fawning puff piece on Haaretz in urgent need of a fisker.

There's no need to ctrl-F for Uri Blau - he isn't mentioned - has the matter been settled? (via

(Amira Hass speaks Arabic btw but Birzeit University wouldn't allow her in - I don't quite understand why that is interesting, but it is mentioned)


The Dissenters
Haaretz prides itself on being the conscience of Israel. Does it have a future?
by David Remnick

Read more

Rabbi Tony Jutner said...

So what is wrong with accepting money from Qaddafi? If given the chance, I would accept money from him even today. What is going on in Libya is just a media spectacle to distract from the more horrendous ethnocide in Palestine

Qaddafi said...

OK, how much do you want, Rabbi Amandla? Gimme your account no., ´cause I´m badly in need of one.


Anonymous said...

Now that Arabs are finally standing up against the oppression of their governments, the myth that it is the Israelis--and not their own governments--who are oppressing Arabs should be discarded. Not surprising that the people connected with oppressive Arabs governments continue to blame Israel.

Silke said...


you failed again - English Pravda is doing a much better job pursuing your line of argument.

To copy&paste from stone age communists in disguise should be really beneath you.

Y. Ben-David said...

Israel Radio Reshet Bet just broadcast a Libyan kid denouncing Qaddafi and one of the items on his list of crimes is that he is a Jew (Libyan Jews say his mother was a Jewish women married to a Libyan man). So add that to the list of crimes the Jews have committed against the poor Arab people.

Silke said...

and don't forget the Logo of the Olympics 2012 - Enjoy!

As best I understood it, the original re-interpretation is a fruit of Iranian ingenuity. Also as best I got it, it is a very inclusive symbol. By now three participants have been identified: Zionists, Freemasons and Gays - so better get your T-Shirt before a fourth joins and messes it all up. ;-)

Barry Meislin said...

That being said, it's a spectacularly awful logo.....

(Now if only the mullahs had objected to it on esthetic grounds...though I keep forgetting that they did, they did----insofar as what "esthetics" means for them.)

Silke said...

by now I have taught myself to savour the beauty of graffiti art to the hilt and conclude that I have never seen a more wonderfully beautiful logo for any Olympics ever especially in its by Elder of Ziyon's and Lizaswelt's combined efforts translation.

I can't wait for the weather to allow me to parade it in town and everywhere else.

I know the price for the T-shirts is outrageous but so what! I'll economise on Ice cream cones this summer to make up for it.

Barry Meislin said...

Might the Iranians be assuaged by letting them in on the (top) secret that the logo really says:


(The "azi" suffix is very small and, alas, rubs off in the printing process.)

Knowing this, of course, the Mullahs'll buy hundreds and thousands of T-shirts. Perhaps millions. One for each citizen. For each day of the week. (Two on Fridays.)

When it comes to marketing, those Brits are no slouches....