Monday, February 14, 2011

Guardian: We Lied about Israel

Well, that's not really what they say. Rather, the Guardian has mumbled something about how it slightly misconstrued something Tzippi Livni once said. No matter that what they did was to carefully edit a document so that it would say the opposite of the truth. Check it out yourself.

Using the Guardian's method it would be possible to prove that Yassir Arafat was a Zionist, that Menachem Begin was a supporter of dismantling settlements, or just about anything you'd like to prove. I'm reminded of a joke I once saw in Mad Magazine, probably 40 years ago, where they showed how anyone can cut words out of a brutal review to demonstrate that the author loves your product. Back then, however, it was intended to be so ludicrous you'd have to laugh.


AKUS said...

Not only did they lie - which of course they do not actually say - their correction is a lie. They claim that by cutting out part of Livni's comment, which turned her whole sentence on its head, they MAY have given the wrong impression.

There is no "MAY" about it - they clearly did give the wrong impression, deliberately.

This follows their lies about Al Dura, the Jenin massacre, the flotilla incident, Cast Lead, the article on CiF penned by luminaries such as Ben White, Seth Freedman, Rachel Shabi, etc.

When it comes to Israel, the Guardian lies like a rug.

BraveJeWorld said...

and how many readers actually read the corrections page anyway....!

Anonymous said...

Again I don't understand why Israel doesn't sue they "journalists" for libel. There is simply no way they could have read the original and not known they were knowingly giving a false impression.