Sunday, February 20, 2011

"To Jerusalem we are heading, martyrs in the millions"

Mondoweiss has a story no-one else seems to be telling: the masses in Cairo have been yelling their willingness to die so as to liberate Jerusalem.

This may not be true. Mondowiess isn't scrupulously honest, after all, and that would explain why no sane media outlet has been carrying the story. But since it appears to be based on a YouTube film, it's possible Mondoweiss is telling the truth, and it's all the rest of the media which is lying. It wouldn't be the first time ever.

History has seen dramatic and exciting revolutions before. It has seen masses eager to rid the world of the Jews, too. There have even been cases when the two were juxtaposed. Offhand, however, I can't think of any case where the two phenomenon came together and there was a good ending to the story.


Silke said...

as per the translation I quoted on the earlier post, Mondoweiss got it "likely"

Barry Meislin said...

But it does make perfect sense.

Tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands(?), more amassed to walk---NON-VIOLENTLY---to the Isreal border and to cross that border.

(There's not a whole lot for these guys to do in Egypt. Jobs? Studies? Future? Heh.)

And so what would Israel do?

Shoot them (either with real or rubber bullets)?

Huge victory for the Arabs.

They will just keep coming. (They're very committed. And very principled.)

Gas them (to knock them out, temporarily, but not to kill them)?

Double-Huge victory for the Arabs.

Let them keep walking over and through the border?

Anyone ever see "Night of the Living Dead"?

It's really so perfect: Ghandi non-violence wedded to Arab dreams of exterminating Israel.

Guess which angle the media (and the Arab League; and the UN; and the EU; and the Obama administration) will stress?

So perfect.

This is "win-win" strategy for Israel's Partners-in-Peace (Inc.).

....And if this isn't interesting enough for you, Iranian warships in the Mediterranean (what's that? "only two," you say?)---should they be allowed in with impunity, means that more are on the way.

Which means the noose around Israel will now be tightened from her western coast as well.

And there ain't a thing Israel can do about it, is there?

(Certainly, a nation that has pledged Israel's destruction has a perfect right to send warships to the area of Israel's western coast.)

Barry Meislin said...

Needless to say, this is the sort of thing that would get Philip Weiss and his cohorts wildly excited with anticipation.

So maybe they'll send a contingent?

Silke said...


the last I read the Iranians assured the Egyptians that there are no weapons on the ships which makes me wonder how they'll get the weapons to wherever the re-unification will take part, if it wasn't a lie to start with.

NormanF said...

Given the depth of popular anti-Semitism in the Arab World, I'm not surprised this is the sentiment of most Arabs.

They do hate the Jews when everything else divides them - that one thing they can all agree upon.

Barry Meislin said...

Silke, please.

Why should the Iranians lie about something as sensitive as that?

Silke said...


I apologize for my lack of respect.

Of course they would never ever ...

Barry Meislin said...

And there ain't a thing Israel can do about it, is there?

There I go, getting carried away with myself.....

(Should I plead sleep deprivation? Grouchiness? Temporary insanity? Non-temporary insanity?)

OF COURSE there's something Israel can do about it. There's two things, actually:

* Agree to disappear.

(Response: Oh but that's so extreme, so absurd, so ridiculous, so off the wall. NO ONE is asking Israel to disappear!! You are insane! Absolutely.)

* Do everything in its power to implore/convince/persuade the PA to sign a peace treaty, even if it means agreeing to all of the PA's demands, um, suggestions, i.e., offers, for peace.

(Response: Yes! Yes! That should do the trick; and the PA, so gratified that a peace deal is at hand will rush to sign it!)

Anonymous said...

The Egytpian authrities possibly see this as an excellent way to reduce the population and thuis bring down unemployment.

It won't work.

As Dado said in 1973, when the tide started to swing against them, "The Arabs are starting to behave like Arabs, and Zahal is behaving like Zahal" as they dropped their shoes and fled.

Silke said...

is this in context or not?

U.S. Vetoes Palestinian Resolution
In other news, someone should be fired for diplomatic malpractice

But let’s not forget option 3!

Option 3: Try to get around options 1 or 2 by putting a non-binding, purely rhetorical statement on the table, thereby inflaming Israel’s supporters at home and abroad, as well as giving potential Republican presidential opponents superb ammunition against you while getting nothing in return; while at the same time confirming, if any further confirmation were needed, that your words and your binding actions don’t add up. Of course, because the Palestinians know option 2 is exceedingly unlikely, they call your bluff, showing the world that you cannot throw your weight around at the Security Council. But you’re not done yet: Keep digging! Call the Palestinians and alternately cajole them and threaten them to try to get them to withdraw the resolution, so that the world has the image of the ostensible leader of the free world supplicating himself to the disputed leader of a stateless authority. Have him tell you to screw off, showing further how little power you have. Then, when crunch-time comes, veto the resolution.

The pro-Israel side still mistrusts you more, because you considered even toying with the U.N.; the pro-Palestinian side still mistrusts you more, because you vetoed their resolution; and people who don’t really care about this still mistrust you more, because you flailed about seeking an alternative and failed. The main difference? Because you spent the past week trying to find a way out of this, everyone’s paying attention now. Congratulations, and thank God it’s Friday.

Anonymous said...

The Mondoweiss post would be consistent with MEMRI clips of the Qaradawi speech. Has anyone found a translation of the full speech yet?

Here is something: Wael Ghonim, the google exec who is considered pivotal in the uprising, and portrayed in the US media as the progressive, pro-democracy youth force in Eqypt wrote this on his twitter feed:

From Wael Ghonim's Twitter Feed @Ghonim

"I loved Sheikh Qaradawi Khutbah today. Was truly inspired when he said: Today I'm going to address both Muslims and Christians. Respect! 1:11 PM Feb 18th via web "


Martin Kramer said...

I think no one else has the story because it is a mistranslation. It sounds to me (and others) like "To the palace," not "To Jerusalem." "To the palace we are heading, martyrs in the millions" was a key Tahrir slogan.

Last Friday, Qaradawi spoke about praying in Al-Aqsa, at minute 24:00 here: But aside from saying "Amen," the crowd did not respond. Mondoweiss got it from Angry Arab...

Silke said...

this then is also a mistranslation??????

A message to our brothers in Palestine: I have hope that Almighty Allah, as I have been pleased with the victory in Egypt, that He will also please me with the conquest of the al-Aqsa Mosque, to prepare the way for me to preach in the al-Aqsa Mosque. May Allah prepare the way for us to (preach) in the al-Aqsa Mosque in safety--not in fear, not in haste. May Allah achieve this clear conquest for us. O sons of Palestine, I am confident that you will be victorious.

Martin Kramer said...

That is a correct translation of Qaradawi's words. In my previous comment, I gave the exact place in Qaradawi's speech where you can here him say those words in Arabic: minute 24:00 here: Qaradawi's extreme views are known. But there is no chanting by the crowd in his speech, and the post by Yaakov is about a supposed chant in the YouTube brought by Mondoweiss and Angry Arab. I don't take any info from Mondoweiss and Angry Arab. MEMRI does not attest to any such chant, I can't hear it, I have asked native Arabic speakers who don't hear it either, and until MEMRI says otherwise, I suggest you treat polemical posts by known Israel-haters as untrustworthy.