Sunday, March 27, 2011

Could the Islamists Take Over?

An item on the front page of Haaretz on Friday (Hebrew only, apparently, and already behind their paywall) told about 25 families of Tunisian Jews who are moving to Israel. Since the revolution, the anti-Jewish hatred has reached such a pitch that the tiny Jewish community can no longer stay.

Tunisia. Reputed to be moderate, liberal, open to the West. So much so that it still had a (very small) Jewish presence, unlike the rest of the Arab world. (There are Jews also in Morocco). Also, the only part of the Arab revolution so far where even skeptical observers felt things were going well.

Here's a thought for the morning: what happens if a year from now it is clear the Arab Spring caused an Islamist takeover of the entire region? I'm not saying I know it will happen. But what if?


Anonymous said...

What if its something as simple as Egypt allowing the import of weapons into Gaza?

Anonymous said...

It appears that the ultimate goal, is that all the Middle East
Oil, will fall under Islamic control, and the misguided US4 action,
In Lyhia, is promoting this.

peterthehungarin said...

Not only the Jews are on the crosshair, their Palestinian brethrens are too.

Syrian gov't blames Palestinians for unrest,7340,L-4048054,00.html

NormanF said...

The Jews did the right thing. If Islamists take over Tunisia, they would be massacred.

Smart Jews!

This is the reason Israel exists. There is no sanctuary for Jews in the Muslim World.

It is high time for them to come home to Israel!

NormanF said...

Peter, interesting they aren't blaming the few Syrian Jews left for the deadly turmoil gripping the country.

But they can always blame it on the Arab brothers.

NormanF said...

Ya'acov, in the near to long term, the Islamists will probably take over in the Arab World... they are the wave of the future and Islamism is the last totalitarian ideology the Arabs haven't tried yet.

Anonymous said...

The Israeli government is set to approve a plan to help Tunisian olim.

Tunisia had among the most moderate education system in the Arab world. But then all the programs the Soviet Union set up for Afghan women didn't help either.


Barry Meislin said...

I think that Egypt has just qualified for a spot on the UN Commission on the Status of Women

(At least its trying its darnedest.)

Alongside Iran. Heh.

Because the world's women deserve the very best....

Anonymous said...

> what happens if a year from now it is clear the
> Arab Spring caused an Islamist takeover of the
> entire region?

Then it was inevitable, and we may as well get around to dealing with it.

Silke said...

then it was the fault of all those people who showed such a noticeable lack of enthusiasm for it, foremost is Mr. Netanyahu since why didn't he listen to all those pundits who told him that here was Israel's chance to show real leadership for the democratically minded in the Arab world.

I spoof you not - I read it and I don't read off the main track stuff or at least hardly ever

Silke said...

Of course could the Islamists take over - why else do you think I listened again to that Noah Feldman book talk from 2008?

He is my choice of expert on Islamism - forget Gilles Kepel and Olivier Roy - Feldman has a sound story to tell and it bodes ill.

milton said...

What if? Then there won't be enough expletives in the English language to describe the consequences thereof.