Sunday, March 27, 2011

Crimes Against Humanity

Norman Geras, probably the most intelligent blogger out there, has just written a book titled Crimes against Humanity: Birth of a Concept. The American edition, according to Amazon, will only be out in June, but I suspect that if you're in the UK, or use Amazon UK, or live in the parts of the world where Brits are allowed to sell books, you can probably buy it already. I intend to wait for Amazon US, but that's just me.


Silke said...

probably the most intelligent blogger out there

Yaacov is fishing for compliments and no, I have not forgotten to type in a smiley - I am serious

Yaacov said...

No I'm not Silke. Norm is better than I any day of the week. He write blog-posts as he would write a book: each word well chosen, each sentence thought through.

Silke said...

well I read him for a time and stopped because his thoughts are not thought through enough

And I like questions that make me think a lot better than answers that don't stand the praxis test

and atheism is gonna save the world - no ism is capable to do that

AKUS said...

The problem withe "crimes against humanity" concept is that it has been extended to cover any incident someone objects to by those you throw it around so frequently - specially Muslim - and is now completely devalued, as has the term "genocide".

Thus, for example, a suicide bomber blowing himself up in a mosque in Afghanistan has not performed a crime against humanity, but an Israeli shooting a would-be suicide bomber is guilty of a crime against humanity.

Israel kills a thousand terrorists in Gaza and that is both a crime against humanity and genocide, but firing rockets into Israeli towns and kibbutzim is neither.

Anonymous said...

As I believe Orwell once said - "When everyone is guilty no one is"


Michael W. said...

Norm's blog posts are deeper in philosophy. Yaacov's blog posts are deep in history and context. They are both good in their own way.