Monday, March 21, 2011

Israeli Field Hospital in Japan

According to the Jerusalem Post, Israel is the first country to be setting up a field hospital in Japan.
“I don’t know how or why it is that our field hospital is the first,” the [Israeli] ambassador said. “Maybe we moved faster. Maybe it’s because of our experience.”


Silke said...

I hope all those suffering from mea-culpa-ism will remember that the next time something shouldn't be up to scratch.

Barry Meislin said...

Israelis absolutely love sushi (so refreshing after several millenia of gefilte fish).

This is merely payback.

(Besides, Israel is taking advantage of the disaster to provide those otherwise bored progressive types another opportunity to accuse her of maliciously harvesting bodily organs under the guise of "humanitarian assistance".)

Silke said...


have a look at Stars and Stripes and see how the US is into it in all kinds of ways and by all kinds of means.

- I wonder what they are "harvesting" - they can't come up with all that effort for naught - just can't be they must have ulterior motivation

- and then there is a German team with search dogs operating - highly suspicious, raises all kinds of sinister imiages (btw the photo of the dog I saw makes me suspect that he/she is a highly undefinable and exceptionally ugly mongrel - oh the decline the world is coming to)