Sunday, April 3, 2011

BBC Tells about Jerusalem as it Isn't

CAMERA has prepared a 15-minute film about a longer BBC film which told about Jerusalem as it isn't, and then refused to correct itself.

The idea that the BBC would air an inaccurate report about Israel is not surprising: one expects no better from the BBC, and is pleasantly surprised when they depart from their biased line. (I wrote about such a case here)

The really ironic part about the false BBC report is that while it attempts to show Palestinian suffering under rapacious Israeli rulers, the reality is that growing numbers of Palestinians in East Jerusalem are acquiring Israeli citizenship as insurance against the day when Israel might leave and they'll be stranded in Palestine. Don't expect the BBC to report on this, however. It wouldn't fit the meta-narrative.

Update: The BBC won't tell the story, but Ynet (English) coincidentally has it today.


Anonymous said...

The truth is a very rare commodity these days, especially when it comes to the mass media.

Ibrahim Ibn Yusuf said...

In the 1910s and 20s, Jews were desperate to immigrate to the US. They did everything within their reach to acquire American citizenship.

Therefore, it must be a lie that anti-Jewish quotas existed in Ivy League universities. If Jews wanted American citizenship, there can't have been any discrimination against Jews.

Or maybe it is just that discrimination against a people by country X can coexist with that people wanting to be citizens of X; which, if true, would apply both when X = America and when X = Israel.