Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Interesting Links

Avi Bell elaborates on how awful the Goldstone Report always was. There was a report, but it was preceded by no investigation.

Newsweek, always a superficial newspaper, now deep into intellectual decline, has a longish puff-story about Mahmoud Abbas. Somewhere along the way a representative of the Obama adminsitration denies most of what Abbas has to say, so this gives us an inkling about how serious or not the man may be if it's a permanent and solid agreement you wish to build on him.

At one point in the Abbas story, he says the Americans deciding what to do about the Egyptian revolution could have chosen between chaos and the Muslim Brotherhood, and got them both. Gideon Rachman reports in the Financial Times that Abbas may be right. It doesn't sound good, though at this stage we should still hope for the best since we can't do much else anyway.

Michael Oren writes about Israel's value to the United States. His article builds on things he knows as a scholar, from the days before he was a diplomat.


Michael W. said...

What's the deal with Didi Remez on twitter?

Silke said...

I wish I could figure out how to use that Twitter-thing without having to spend all day with it.

especially now since that incoherent ranter Didi Remez is insinuating all kinds of mysterious things and I could maybe get a hint, why that shining light unto boring predictable blogs i.e. Coteret is silent since January.