Sunday, April 10, 2011

Slow Blogging

Blogging is likely to be a bit slow here for the next few days. Too many other things going on. You can always read Haaretz to keep your spirits up.


Daniel said...

Pesach cleaning?

Avigdor said...

You should give Silke a guest blogging opportunity of a lifetime ;)

heplev said...

"read Ha'aretz"? "to keep your spirits up"? Kidding, aren't you?

Barry Meislin said...

J-Street's Paper of Preference.

(Keeps 'em "informed".)

Silke said...

no way

I have been invited on occasions, the answer has always been NO

I know I am brillant, close to genius or super-genius and whatever else but getting up a coherent post would be beyond me

- I have been an assistant all my life and it suited me fine and makes me feel content. I don't intend to change now - you know how stubborn we old ones can become when asked to try something new and I confess I am one of them ;o)

Silke said...

I forgot to say that when I was asked it flattered me no end and I enjoyed that feeling enormously but that's how far it went