Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Thwarting Sanctions against Iran

The Iranians just had a big shindig about selling oil:
The largest contingent came from China, which has an extensive record of dealings with Iran and indifference to sanctions. So does U.S. ally Germany, and more than 40 German companies were in Tehran this week. Austrian companies were also well-represented, and the Spanish government sent an official delegation. Also present were India's Essar Group and Norway's Statoil, two firms that previously announced they were cutting ties with Iran—and thereby earned recognition from U.S. officials as examples of successful international pressure. So much for that.
 Norway. Might that be this Norway? (h/t Barry M)


Silke said...

might be this Germany

what did we do wrong for them to come back from all corners?

Silke said...

in this BBC piece where the mourners for Signor Arrigoni are allowed to vent without any balancing remark whatsoever (Balancing is only required when talking about Israel?) there is a Norvegian Surgeon uttering all you don't want to hear and informing the world that he will keep at it

Conclusion: Arrigoni is due to be beatified pronto subito or whatever the correct word for it is in Italian.