Friday, April 29, 2011

Zipper: The Egyptian Revolution will End Badly, Soon

Benny Zipper is a veteran member of Haaretz' stable of light-weight lefties. I don't think I've ever linked to him, because there wasn't much point. Well, there's always sometimes a first time. Zipper is in Cairo right now, seeing things just as you'd expect any mainstream Israeli septic would, but not Haaretz folk or their Western look-alikes:
Tahrir Square still attracts curious crowds on weekends and holidays, including families there to gaze at the last remnants of the naive and romantic two-month-old popular uprising, which also photographed wonderfully in pictures broadcast around the world. However, now the backyards behind the smiling facades are being canvassed assiduously, and the seed of the political toughness is being sown that - though I do hope I am wrong - will bring about the second, real revolution, and will wipe the smiles off many faces.
Even more oddly, he blames Obama, which probably isn't fair, though I suppose one might explain Obama's rise to the same cultural malaise.


Juniper in the Desert said...

PS, I LOVE the Freudian slip:
"Zipper is in Cairo right now, seeing things just as you'd expect any mainstream Israeli septic would,"
"Septic": perfect! haha!

Silke said...

the NYT has a piece which is also lacking in rapture quite a bit

and while I'm at it and while it is so unsurpassable cute here is what Jimmy Carter said in Seoul:

“They will not apologize,” Carter said during a news conference in Seoul. “But they express deep regret... for the loss of life of those on the Cheonan and also the civilians who were killed on Yeonpyeong Island.”

Me thinks whatever "they" who tyrannize whomever they can say and do must be imbued with an extra and deeper meaning, now what does that remind me of?