Tuesday, May 24, 2011

American-Israeli Defense Technology Collaboration

Eli Lake at the Washington Times tells how the relations between the Pentagon and Israel's arm's industry soured between 2000-2005, and then very much got back on track. The crucial turning point was that Israel needed to make up its mind to prefer American needs over Chinese ones. This was clearly the better decision for Israel, though it's good that we had choices to choose from. As China - and India, another burgeoning trade partner of Israel - continue to rise, the alternatives will still be there.

In the meantime, the relations don't harm American interests in any way, either:
Rep. Steven R. Rothman, a New Jersey Democrat who serves on the appropriation subcommittees that fund foreign aid and defense budgets, said during a seminar at the AIPAC conference that the $3 billion in annual military financing for Israel was a sound investment.
“We gave them $3 billion, they have to use 75 percent of it to buy our stuff, and then they give us improvements on all the stuff we sell them, plus all the intelligence network,” he said. “The prepositioning of our supplies in Israeli territory, the safe port for U.S. troops in time of war and peace, and many many other ways. Such a bargain.”
This story is worth keeping in mind as folks get all roiled over the Obama-Netanyahu spat. Relations between nations are based on interests, and shared values, and other imponderables; they rarely stand or fall because of two particular individuals, especially ephemeral ones such as elected leaders.


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I think in the context it is worth a read what Josef Joffe says in the TNR about ALL of the Middle-East Speech


The Problem With Obama’s Middle East Speech
How it reflects the diffidence of his world view


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I listened to this audio only yesterday and that is the Economist whom Yaacov tells us is not as bad as the rest

Unrest on Israel's borders
Palestine's Arab spring?
May 18th 2011, 18:21 by The Economist online

Following Israel's violent response to "Nakba Day" protests on its borders, our correspondents discuss the state of the peace pro


I think the name of the interviewee is Daniel Landau.


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