Sunday, May 29, 2011

Scots: We're not Boycotting Israel, only Israel

That seems to be what the folks in West Dunbartonshire are saying. See for yourselves, and tell me where I'm wrong.


NormanF said...

What's really funny is Israel's Stalinist Left howling over being boycotted in Scotland.


There is such a thing as a good deed being punished.

Morey Altman said...

They've admitted they would consider the ban on a book-by-book basis, apparently oblivious to how problematic that could be. For example, I'm curious how they would deal with an Arabic-language book by a Palestinian writer, printed in, let's say, Acco or Nazareth.

aparatchik said...

Looks like it was a response to the Gaza cast Lead operation given the date and death toll.

1) On what basis do they accuse the IDF of using disproportionate force?

2) Now that the operation is over, why is the boycott still in place?

3) If boycotts are to be made based on death tolls, is there a corresponding boycott of PA-controlled areas?

4) Are there corresponding boycotts of UK and US suppliers based on their disproportionate use of force in Iraq and Afghanistan?

Anonymous said...

Other European are apparently not willing to boycott Israeli sugar:,7340,L-4074469,00.html

Anonymous said...

Not banning Israeli authors...only Israeli produced books? Pity. Nothing like a good book-burning. We haven't have a good book burning of Jewish books since...........


Y. Ben-David said...

I am curious about these people who are making these boycotts...
Are they towns with a militant Muslim minority who is pushing this through an apathetic majority, or is the a purely Scottish population that is radicalized? Anybody know?
From what I read, the big anti-Israel movements in Israel are made by a coalition of the Muslim minority and the minority but militant Red-Green-Brown coalition (Marxist-Communist-Purificationist/Islamic-Radical environmentalist-anarchist/neo-fascist-neo-Nazi). Most Europeans are apathetic about Israel, the Palestinians and the settlements.

Silke said...

judging from what I've learned over the months about the people showing up at Ahava in London every two weeks they are borderline gaga. (lots of reporting about that idiocy is here

It seems sloganeering is what turns them on - besides good ol' completely un-thought-through Jew-hatred (if a Jew is involved it must be bad, whatever it is) there is a joy in feeling "courageous" by making a nuisance of themselves. The most baffling thing is that they manage to convince themselves and others regularly that they are breaking a taboo.

Could it be that they were kids to whom no parent ever said no and thus they now have to make up that early deficit?

Anyway this morning I woke up with the thought that why do only Hasbara in order to make Israel look good, why not construct a case that appeals to those nutters and insert it to them to direct their "activism" to less harmful goals than molesting shoppers in London or cleansing the shelves of Scottish libraries?

BTW there is a taboo in the blogosphere:
by saying Israel is a sovereign state and whatever she decides to do is OK by me since it is none of my business I can easily get people into overdrive

ModernityBlog said...

I have covered this in detail, you might be interested: