Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Michael Totten Visits Hebron

And comes back with an unsettling report.

I once did the same, in 2009, and also came back with a report.


Anonymous said...

A very interesting report. Its an insoluble problem in my view.
However a pilpul type question is this: If Jews are entitled to return to property lost or abandoned before 1948 or before 1967, should Arabs ( even Israeli citizens) be allowed to return to claim property abandoned or claim compensation , say, in Downtown Haifa or in Jerusalem?

Y. Ben-David said...

It is important to note that large numbers of Jews, including non-religous ones, visit Hevron, particulary during the holidays. We visit there every Hol HaMoed. I have the greatest admiration for the Jews who live there. There will be no chance of peace in Israel until Jews can live in peace in Hevron.

Avi from Jerusalem said...

As noted by Michael, the Israeli soldiers generally do not have a nice time in Hebron, with the Jews or the Arabs. This was the experience of our son a few years ago too. Things improved a bit when our daughter was stationed there.

IMHO the whole city should have been turned into an open mental institution years ago. The vast majority of the both populations are bonkers. They are all in need serious mental attention.

Silke said...

The vast majority of the both populations are bonkers.

and the question what is egg and what is chicken be damned???