Sunday, July 28, 2013

The Sickening List of Palestinian Heroes

One of the demands made by Abu Mazen in order to be willing to return to the negotiating table to discuss having a Palestinian state has been that Israel release Palestinians who have been in Israeli jails since before the beginning of the Oslo process. Apparently Israel is about to accept this demand, and in my position as a civil servant I have no opinion on the matter one way or the other. However, a quick glance at the list should make any decent person blanche. Are these the heroes the Palestinians wish to celebrate? As a service to the public, I"m translating the list Y-net posted in Hebrew this evening (there's a short English-language summary here).

Karim Younes, murdered Avraham Bromberg in 1981.
Maher Kadr Younis, same murder. They are both Israeli citizens.
Issa Adb Rabo, murdered Revital Serri and Ron Levy, a young couple walking in the hills to the south of Jerusalem.
Ahmed Shehade, murdered a Palestinian suspected of collaborating with Israel.
Rafa Karage, murdered Aharon Avidar.
Mustafa Ganemat, murdered Meir Ben Yair and Michal Cohen.
Ziad Mahmoud, same murder.
Othman Bani-Hassin, murdered Leah Almakais and Josef Eliyahu.
Haze Saadi, same murder.
Mohamad Tos, a member of a group which murdered 5 Israelis.
Faiz Hur, murdered two Israelis.
Mouhamad Ashour, murdered David Caspi, an Israeli cab driver.
Ibrahim Abu Mouch, kidnapped and murdered Moshe Hamam. Israeli Arab.
Roushdi Abu Mouch, same murder. Israeli Arab.
Walid Daka, same murder. Israeli Arab.
Ahmed Jaabar murdered David Shaltiel.
Afou Shakir, same murder.
Mohamad Daud, murdered Ofra Mozes and her son Tal.
Yassin Hadir,murdered Yagal Shahaf.
Bashir Hatib, murdered Haim Taktuk and buried him under the floor of his store. He's an Israeli Arab.
Mahmoud Jabarin, murdered a suspected collaborator.
Jouma Adam, firebombed a bus and burned to their deaths Rachel Weiss, her three sons (one an infant), and David Delarosa, a soldier who tried to extract them from the burning bus.
Mahmoud Harbish, same murder.
Bilal Demara, murdered 70-year-old Holuocaust survivor Friedrich Rosenfeld.
Moustaffa Outhma, same murder.

I've had enough. The rest of the list contains men who murdered their employers, or murdered women, children, old men.

Update: Gideon Shaviv of CAMERA sends a link to a webpage where they've put up the entire list, in English.


Barbara Mazor said...

I cannot begin to tell you how this embarrasses and sickens me as an American.

The rule of law, equally applied to all, is the heart of democracy. If the America sees itself as the world leader of democracy, then its Secretary of State should stand firm for these principles. Murder is murder and should be punished. I don't understand why Kerry did not stand up to Abbas. What did Kerry get in return? What will Netanyahu's government get?

What kind of democracy do they expect to have in a Palestinian State when they allow criminals to go free?

This is wrong on so many levels. The political implications are horrendous.

Of course, in addition, there is the heartache for the families of the victims. This is beyond words.

Saul Lieberman said...

Netanyah's "open" letter is anything but.

Barry Meislin said...

Excuse me, are you saying that releasing murderers and rapists has nothing to do with "peace"?


It has EVERYTHING to do with "peace".

Barbara Mazor said...

I don't understand. Please explain, Barry.

Dave S. said...

This is a very difficult matter. No doubt, these people are incarcerated for very good reasons. There remains the question, however, of whether releasing them will contribute to fewer deaths in the future, and also of whether these particular people are likely to resume violence once released. I don't claim to know the answer to either. I'd like to hope that these negotiations in DC, which would not happen without this release, will lead to peace, which means lived saved, but we've seen so many negotiations fail before, so it is far from a sure thing.

Time will tell.

NormanF said...

I'm sickened by Ya'acov's moral cowardice.

What is this - Nazi Germany? You can sit there and use the excuse of being a civil servant NOT to have an opinion on a MORAL issue?

Why don't do you find your conscience and resign? Or does your job as the state archivist preclude human decency and common sense?

There are some things no human being should tolerate and this is one of them.

I read the list in part and apparently the crimes these Arab murderers committed against Jews have had no impact on the Israeli government or on you as a human being and as a public official!

Something is very rotten in the State Of Israel today.

Barry Meislin said...

Peace of the Brave, Barbara, Peace of the Brave.....

Christina said...

My understanding is that the Obama Administration is pushing Israel to release these murderers, so 'peace negotiations' will resume. As an American, I am often troubled by this administration's actions. This one floors me.

The only reason for it that I can see is Dave S.'s thought above, that perhaps "releasing them will contribute to fewer deaths in the future" seems a risky gamble to me.

I distrust so much that goes on in government & politics, and frequently suspect dark motives. Either way, these processes will continue until an appointed time, and then God will act according to His plan. I often think of the Old Testament Scripture that speaks of people saying "...'Peace, peace' when there is no peace..." and think, yeah, this is what these peace negotiations are, ultimately.

Sometimes hard to believe, but God is in control.