Tuesday, May 20, 2008

A Fundamental Misunderstanding of History?

In half a nutshell, my day job at LeverEdge consists of capturing knowledge that resides in people's minds, and making it easily accessible to users of user friendly software systems. This means I've given some thought and have a degree of awareness of what works and what doesn't on websites that offer information. The reason I mention this is that the website of Haaretz is unusually aggravating. If you've read an article in the dead-tree Hebrew version, and wish to find it on the English website, perhaps so as to blog it, it is rarely easy, and too often simply impossible.

The reason I mention this is that in the weekend magazine of last Friday there was a very interesting interview with General Amos Yadlin, departing head of our military intelligence. I managed to find a promo published a few days earlier, with some of the highlights, but not the interview itself. Which is to bad, because the interview presented not only an analysis of the trends in the Mideast at the moment, it also offered some (limited) insight into how an intelligence organization works, and how its commander thinks. This always would have been of interest to some of us who know our lives depend at least partially on what those folks do; it is doubly interesting since the failure of the intelligence services regarding Iraq, back in 2003, and the massive conviction since then that such services exist only to make political positions tenable, and are thus illegitimate sources of information.

Amos Harel published a piece this morning that reflects much of what Yadlin said, so the two links give you sort of a summary of the interview I can't find. They are both worth reading.

Bottom line: things may well get worse. And the main reason is that Iran wishes it so and is working hard at making it so. Now I know that in many circles this is pure blasphemy, for a variety of reasons. What puzzles me about all those people who can't get their minds around the concept of a long-term scheming Iran is, why can't they? After all, there is nothing new, nor anything surprising, in a group setting predatory goals and doing their best over long periods to attain them, irrespective of the amount of requisite violence. It's an ever-recurring theme in the history of mankind, one that first appeared many millennia before the birth of Gaorge Bush the 2nd, or even before the advent of the Jews in history - and the Jews have been around longer than anyone else.

Why is this so unacceptable to so many people?


Anonymous said...


The "Scheming Prize" wouldn't go to iran, anyway. Not when you can see that Rabin got shot. By a Jew. And, politics in Israel is real crazy business! Without the arabs' vexing problems, perhaps this would become obvious.

Next question. How come Shimon Peres, putting his tuchis into the presidential chair; after Katsav got thrown out on malarky ... doesn't make people stop to think ... Katsav won his seat, better. Shimon Peres never did quite get on well with the voters.

Besides, Shimon Peres has had more sex outside his own marriage, than Katsav ever managed.

Still, according to the insane mishigas that passes for police work in Israel, you have another politician treated to the "insiders stuff." A real poison.

While, how come no one talks about what just got pulled on Olmert? From LIKUDNIKS! Evidence "gathered" from people who are on record, going back two years, of asking Olmert to resign.

As if Bibi Netanyahu never saw an envelope full of cash!

Let alone this poison was spread against Arik Sharon. To punish him for being popular!

Yes, it costs money to run election campaigns. But when they are over, those elected to govern should be able to do so. Here? First you see Bibi NOT wanting to join Olmert's government. And, then? For the past two years the corrupt police have been used to tear down Olmert.

And, you think Iran has an ability to make things worse?

How so?

Yes, Iran schtoops envelopes full of money at "pants dancing diplomats" ... UN stinkers ... and others. So what?

In a better world putin would not be czar.

And, America, when we elect the next president, won't choose Obama.

Of course, history practically writes itself.

Winston Churchill said, that "malice always attacks the truth."

And, somebody else said "it takes longer for the truth to get out of bed, and put on a pair of pants."

By now? We'd all be better off if TRUTH just ran naked in the streets.

While I really believe, with America in the lead, we have entered a NEW FRONTIER. One that began in the 1980's. In what Americans dubbed "Silicon Valley." No college degree was necessary.

And, in time? The pants were beaten off the professional journalists.

We need a better way of reaching people, though. Because here? It's just one person at a time.

But, heck. I caught on! I don't think Katsav raped anybody.

And, Olmert? Who knows? Ken Starr didn't lay a glove on Bill Clinton! Heck, Bill Clinton's loose fly has made him a president to remember. And, the People came through. With compassion. He never had to run from office.

Now? If he'd pick a friendlier wife, he might have stood a chance to pass around Lincoln's Bedroom for cash donations.

In the future, there will be outcomes that will make lots more sense, than what passes now, for Israeli and/or American picking contests.

Sure do wish Arik Sharon never listened to his doctors! Too late to do much but recognize the price he paid.

Lydia McGrew said...

Why is this unacceptable to people? About Iran?

Well, here in the U.S. what I see is that people get angry at such talk about Iran because they think it's an attempt to justify America's attacking Iran. They think _that_ is absolutely unacceptable, and the very thought makes them so angry that they want the truth about Iran to be something other than what it is, or they want people to say something different about Iran, or perhaps they even just want people to shut up about Iran. Because the alternative, they think, is war with Iran, which is unacceptable to them.

I was just on a blog thread and saw this very dynamic in play.