Monday, July 28, 2008

Capitalists to the Rescue

It's no coincidence that the high priests of the Church of Global Warming tend to come from the political Left: these are the people who simultaneously want to revolutionize the world, while controlling the masses, meaning the people who live in it.

Meanwhile, some top-tier capitalists have taken it into their heads to rid us of the curse of fossil fuels by appealing to our selfish interests: our spare cash. Thomas Friedman tells the story of two of the more prominent of them, but there are growing numbers of their lesser colleagues in greed, all of whom wish to vastly enrich themselves by having the rest of us save a bit here and there. Even worse, look at their identities: an Israeli and a Texan. Hard to think of less likely places to look for world-savers if you're a progressive Nation reader or a Guardianista. Oy.

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Anonymous said...


Gee, I'm not surprised.

The "global warming" is coming during this year's hot summer. And, just like people who like "Creation Science" ... they don't have to read much to understand God. And, the ways of the world. Which they then shove down other people's throats, IF they can get away with it.

Sometimes, since there's nothing you can do about these street demonstrations; except avoid them if you like. It pays to follow a recent PENN & TELLER episode (up on Little Green Footballs.)

You can use Charles Johnson's advanced search engine to find this stuff. And, Global Warming, plus the Museum of Intelligent Design (I kid you not), pop up when you enter what you're looking for, into the search engine field.

PENN & TELLER do an excellent BULLSHIT! (Up on Little Green Footballs). They show ya something you might not notice: The kids are all white. And, appear to be the kids of rich and middle class folks. Where the kids are lazy, good-for-nothings.

As they say in Yiddish: "Gib a kik."

It's not called a "3 ring circus" for nothing; even if you're not inside a tent; but viewing the Knesset on an average day. What? You need Smell-O-Vision to make it real?

You didn't notice how the Haredi are running a business at the Kotel, otherwise known as the Jew's most holy site? You didn't know that the Haredi are the "gang who won the wall." As they let no others interfere with "their cash envelopes."

In case you slept through Obama's "visit" to the Wall; you could learn if you were willing to see the faults Israel has, built into her own system. Let alone no Haredi men willing to work for a living, driving bulldozers, let's say. They do hire "out." For some reason. Graft and pity must work wonders for what these theives can take in.

And, you're worried about Global Warming alarmists? Or thieves?

Doesn't take a science degree to figure things out, here.