Monday, July 28, 2008

The Descent of Man (or, some Jewish men)

Most of you will be familiar with this, but it's cute:

Moses: Law is everything (head)
Jesus: Love is everything (heart)
Marx: Money is everything (stomach)
Freud: Sex is everything (lower)

Einstein: Everything is relative


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Anonymous said...


Oh, you left out Martin Buber. He teaches you can't reach an understanding of religion through your head. Because FAITH is IRRATIONAL.

Buber said FAITH is in your heart.

And, he explains it by saying the biblical statement "I AM WHO I AM" is a mis-translation. It should read, instead, "When you look for me in your heart, you will find me."

In other words? Moses, at the Burning Bush did not hear an arrogant God, approaching Moses through his head. His "faculties had nothing to do with what he heard." What he heard came from his heart.

The way Buber teaches this is interesting. Because he says men aren't born with a disposition to love a woman. Instead, all men are selfish. But when a woman enters a man's heart, he will do unselfish things, providing for her welfare. And, benefit. This he said, resides in the hearts of mature individuals.

And, that's how he then goes on to explain Love for God. Which has nothing to do with your head. But is as effective as a man's love ... when a man truly loves his wife.

Not all men do.

Some men can bullshit you. And, there's a pretty good joke Orson Bean told ... about a farmer who lived nearby his home in Vermont.

He said Vermonters aren't known to talk much.

And, here he was, passing a man's home, where he was out on his rocking chair. He had just buried his wife of 50 years.

So, to offer condolences, Orson Bean remarked that it must be very sad to lose a long term partner.

"Nope." Came the reply. "I didn't like her much."

WHich shows you that "liking a wife" has nothing do do with staying married. Some people just accept things they don't like; because they feel it's the appropriate thing to do.

And, if you want your "Descent" to appear like a ladder; then in this picture of the world we're all marching slowly down a lot of turtles backs.

Einstein, on the other hand, defines our new Age. And, the way things took off, once the correct mathematical formula showed up.