Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Dealing with Hamas

Remember last year when Israel arrested some high Hamas officials in the West Bank? Everyone condemned that action, of course. Well, according to this article, Abbas is now warning that if Israel sets the men free, he'll disband the PA, no less.

Again: if Israel deals with this group of Palestinians, that group will do its utmost to block the effort. Keep this in mind the next time you read one of those calls for negotiations with Hamas.


Anonymous said...


Abbas says a lot of things that never add up to his "doing" a thing. That's just the way it is.

Meanwhile, is Shalit still alive? I tend to doubt it. Which is one reason there seems to be a lot of talk; and rehashing of prisoner's lists. While it doesn't amount to a hill of beans.

When the first of the Dogmush clan got kidnapped out of gaza; I thought Israel was getting serious ind "dialoguing for Shalit's release." Israel still holds this prisoner.

But then? Well, a drone knocked out a traveling band of four more Dogmush clan members. And, that's when I knew Shalit's not alive, anymore, for "trade."

And, Abbas? He comes along to take advantage of the "lull" and get his name into the paper.

Interesting. Abbas likes his name IN the papers; while Olmert prefers silence to just about anything else.

And, most Israelis? Do they get to "read the handwriting on the wall," or not?

I have no idea.

But it sure looks stormy out there.

And, the arabs aren't moving away.

(I read an interesting piece yesterday about Irak. It said that "calm" had nothing to do with the "surge," but instead with 'ethnic cleansing.' Stuff the media didn't report at all. While up at IRAQ THE MODEL, there was a brief blurb by one of the Sunni brothers, that an attempt to go to Amman, failed. He got off the plane in Amman. And, was put into jail with other Sunni Iraqis, until all of them "agreed" to go back to Baghdad.

Well? What if Bush isn't the only one to come up short in the "legacy" department?

What could be written on the wall, now? What with Ma'ariv lying through its journalist's teeth about Obama's note? You think you ducked that one, and it went away?

You can't "play" the high ground, while taking the low ground.

And, Lindenhauss is now only the latest creep to "go political" ... with major costs ahead for the future; where grandchildren pay.

Yup. Disengagement was good for Israel. But not for the "religious set." Which means? Arabs have problems with Hamas; their version of uber-religious muslem.

Perhaps, the world's just waiting for saner times? Or, as in the Wizard of Oz, pulls the curtain back. (You didn't know there was a man behind the curtain?)

Anonymous said...


Now that Olmert says he's resigning, as soon as the new Kadima head gets elected, wanna bet this isn't going to go as smoothly as the idiots within Kadima have planned?

First off, to "win" the winner needs 40%. And, there are 4 candidates. Will Sheetrit drop out? Making 3-little-indians left standing?

No one handles politics better than Olmert.

So, the soap opera continues.

WHile the players in the knesset probably hear the bell tolling. In other words? Olmert's "term" which was to last into 2009 ... has had the rug disappear from the floor.

And that means?

There are vulnerable ministers, now. Who have no idea what the public will do, when the public gets a chance to vote.

Well? What "if" the election doesn't produce a clear cut winnah?

Livni says she does "long term strategy" well. And, I laugh.