Friday, August 1, 2008

Olmert's not Leaving

Just a quick note here: Given the fiendishly complicated rules of Israeli parliamentary politics, the soonest conceivable date at which Olmert will leave his job is near the end of October. November or early December are a bit more plausible, January, February and probably most of March 2009 are not possible dates at all for replacing him with someone else, and the scenarios in which Olmert remains prime minister until April 2009 are perfectly reasonable.

We could even see him traveling to Washington in February or March 2009 to discuss matters with the new fellow in the White House.


Anonymous said...


Funny, Olmert is a bastard because he likes perks. As if Bibi and Ehud Barak travel "second class" to save money.

And, what about this $26-billion casino man, (Adelson?), who says he's paying for Likud. And, "helping" Bibi take back the party from Kadima.

WHich is really what it's all about.

Sometimes, I wonder how much "donation money" went into the hospitals where Arik Sharon's doctors convinced him to take injections of rat poison, to increase his blood pressure? I wonder. But the police won't investigate.

How much money is Adelson giving to Talansky? You think this whore works free?

How come all the information against Olmert comes ONLY from his days in Likud? And, that he tried to start another party. Where Arik Sharon was felled from his popular prime minister's chair, with his brains, gutted?

You think it all goes unnoticed? What is this? John Edwards' love child?

Yes. Olmert says he is not going to run in the Kadima primary; which seems a bit early for an election that will probably come in the spring of 2009.

So far? Olmert diverted the IDF from Bush's use, during the Lebanon War in the Summer of 2006. You didn't know? Bush wanted to enhance the "goodies" the saud's get to collect.

While over in Kirkuk (Iraq), the saud's just paid the "Awakened" sunni council to use 4 female bombers, to interfere with Shi'ites on a pilgrimage. (And, where the Kurds really were living here for years, until they were "moved" by Saddam.) But Saddam is now deader than a doornail.

And, Maliki hates Bush's guts.

And where Israelis have been poisoned to hate their prime minister. Why? On Olmert's watch there was the sophisticated and successful bombing raid on syria's core nuke project.

While in Syria, the Mugga-hugga terrorist got blown up in his car.

So these are small potatoes?

Funny. What if Livni just put on Foad Ben Eliezer's shoes?

What if Ehud Barak is still not popular?

What if Mofaz, the last man to join Arik's team; hence no rewarding portfolio ... isn't out to kick life back into the old Likud?

It wasn't enough that in the Spring of 2006, when Olmert had to run on his own, he won the ticket with 29 (to 32 seats). While all Likud got was 12.

Can money (from a casino billionaire) change politics? Or just make stuff look ugly?

Well, at least Olmert hasn't played his last card.

And, all the police can do is rattle papers.

Sure. Perks will be forbidden to some. But the show ain't over.

While Israel sheds goodwill like nobody's business.

Anonymous said...


Since Olmert's "billing records" (from his days when he was a member of Likud), fell out on the table ...

I thought I'd mention that in America, anyone who wants to claim deductions from their taxes using "THE LONG FORM."

And, if the IRS thinks your deductions aren't correct. They call you in. If in fact, your deductions (for business trips, lunches, parties for your childrens' bar and bat mitzvahs), aren't correct ... you're not thrown in jail. Or out of a job. You're asked to pay the fine.

While in Israel, you get one brand of "outrage" ... let's say when Kuntar (alive) was returned after more than 30 years in jail; for the body parts of two IDF soldiers. Why? Because Jesse Jackson made a special visit to Lebanon. Then he creeped into Israel, with the media following, and he personally vouched for those soldiers "being alive." Definitely not being dead.

And, no one in Israel could claim that it was obvious the captives were dead.

Okay. But what about Yizchak Rabin's killer? Here, a very religious Jew, who got a pass from his rabbi. Now has a wife. And, a son. And, screaming religious Jews demanding his freedom. With the call "enough is enough."

Be my guest.

But whatever it is you're trying to accomplish, it's not working.

Now that we're coming to the end of the Bush years, I think the putz in the White House is discovering the limitations on what money can buy.

Bush doesn't have a legacy.

And, the truth will out. In time.

While you didn't have to go an offend Obama for no reason. Cheap shots, are disasters. Used by the weak. Against the strong.

Truth is still the best cleanser.

But don't worry. Israeli police will never try to see how much money Morris Talansky can "launder." And, how much he earned from Adelson, to carry all this bilge water.

I wish Olmert all the luck in the world. Katsav, too. I just know too many women, at work, who think sleeping with the boss is an advantage. (Nah. Not just Monica.)