Saturday, July 5, 2008

Life Cycle of a Community

Here's the crop of life cycle events in our congregation while I was away:

An 83-year-old man passed away, after fading for a few years. (His son, a friend of mine for 40 years, has long since moved elsewhere).

The elderly mother of a 60-something man who sits two rows behind me passed away. He has been visibly tending her, pushing her wheelchair all around the neighborhood.

A grandson was born to one family, while another is waiting, mildly impatiently, given that their daughter is overdue.

Two women in the congregation gave birth this week, both to daughters.

One young man from the congregation got married this week.

There are fewer than 250 families in the congregation.

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Anonymous said...


L'Chaim! To the newcomers. And, what's "overdue?" When it comes to being born you just want a good doctor there, with strong shoulders. So he can PULL.

Life comes. And, goes.

And, in a community, what is good to see is that there are friends ... not just people who sit "a few pews, away."

And, the nice thing about friends is that you pick them.