Saturday, July 5, 2008

Peres: Peace with the Palestinians not Possible

Shimon Peres is as cynical a politician as Barack Obama, and being almost twice his age he's had far more opportunities for dirty tricks. One thing, however, can't be taken from him, and that's his decades-long commitment to negotiating a peaceful resolution to Israel's conflict with the Palestinians. In the 1980s he was willing to face massive public opprobrium, to face revilement unknown in American politics, and to lose election after election, but never to budge on this point. Later, he was one of the founding fathers of the Oslo Process, and the author of The New Middle East. That's the context you need to keep in mind when reading this item, that tells that even he has despaired of the possibility of making peace with the Palestinians.



Lydia McGrew said...

You know what they call a liberal who's been mugged by reality?

A conservative.

steve said...

If Peres is correct, then I fear that Israel is doomed.

Yaacov said...

Why would Israel be doomed? Doomed to prolonged conflict, that yes, but otherwise? Why?

Lydia McGrew said...

The only thing, in my hawkish opinion, that can really doom Israel is the failure to realize the truth of what Peres has said. If they fail to realize that and keep making crazy concessions (more rocket-launching-pad land in return for no-peace) and not defending themselves and their people, _then_ we probably have an existential problem.

Anonymous said...


Shimon Peres is now 86 years old. And, with each passing month, he grows older.

While Olmert put an end to his being a threat. How so? By "accepting the cock and bull story about Katsav" ... and letting Katsav resign the "specially designated ceremonial post of being Isael's president.

The job is supposed to be a once-on-a-lifetime seven year "event." But there are fears that Shimon Peres can live well into his 90's ... so a way will be made to keep him "seated" in the "ceremonial role." Where he's getting antsy. He wants Olmert's chair!

In Israel the prime minister's chair is similar to a game of musical chairs, worthy of kindergarten kids.

One chair. And, a lot of ego's running round and round, until the music stops.

By the way, how do you enterpret the word "peace?" You don't have peace with the Saud's. Egypt's out of the picture. Jordan's in this thing for themselves. And, they've picked the "wrong horse" before.

Syria? Are you worried about them?

Or Lebanon? You care what they're doing in Beirut?

What you could glean is that in most places a woman in a bikini would not be safe. But on the beaches of Beirut? Eye opening. Ditto, with the ability to search liquor drinks to the "beach crowd But Paris? It's not. It is, however, like the strangling necklace around paris, where even the police don't want to go. And, yes. Cans go gasoline can come out easier than "yoots wearing backpacks." Cars being barbecued? Remains a "french delicacy" I suppose. But you'll notice, no hysteria.

Yet Shimon Peres farts, and there are people who smell Israel's demise. No. I cannot help them out.

As to what's going to happen to neighborhoods with arabs in them? I'll guess that soon enough, the arab villages around Jerusalem will get kicked into the West Bank. And, yes. There will be a "great wall." When that happens, you'll erase some of the "blue card" arab stock from having access into Israel. The fewer arabs with "blue card" stock, the better.

You don't think you can't re-label some of these problems? Have I got news for you!

Not just re-label. But fill with cement. Which is actually better than "bulldozing down." Because if you bulldoze down a terrorist family's abode, they can rebuild. Not the same when you fill the inside with cement.

And, you didn't think there were new tricks, afoot?

steve said...

Yaacov said...
Why would Israel be doomed? Doomed to prolonged conflict, that yes, but otherwise? Why?

Because time is on the side of the Arabs. Sooner or later, Ahmadinejad or some other Islamofascist will push a button and tiny Israel will disappear. I fear the odds are just stacked against Israel.