Sunday, July 6, 2008

NYT Shows its Biases Again

Alissa Rubin in the NYT writes about the rising number of Iraqi women committing suicide attacks. The title of the article sums it all up nicely: Despair Drives Suicide Attacks by Iraqi Women.

Yes, well. For a while back in 2002 the fashion for murder-by-suicide was so popular amongst the Palestinians that they were doing so with glee, their mothers were blessing them as they set off, their fathers praised their actions before their surviving younger brothers, and all this against an essential backdrop of an unhinged society that was going mad. It took lots of Israeli violence to bring them to their senses. But with that exception, you don't need to be a rocket scientist, or even a brain scientist, to figure out that if people decide to commit suicide they may perhaps be depressed.

Actually, the most helpful comment in the article is a quotation from an Iraqi woman:
“Our Oriental society is not like your Western society. It seems in many of these cases the women have had their husband killed or sent to prison and she feels she has no choice, she is very depressed.”
Now that's a line that cries out for further investigation. How about:

Downtrodden women have been a staple of human history, unfortunately, ever since the cave dwellers and the tree dwellers compromised on huts and hovels. Recently, however, downtrodden women in Iraq have begun following the example of downtrodden Palestinian women in aping deluded Lebanese, Palestinian and Iraqi men who feel that murder by suicide is the way to go. Which makes us wonder if perhaps something has gone radically wrong in the culture common to all those suicides. Here's an investigation into this possibility...

But no. That's not how the mind of the folks at the NYT operates. Too few children are the result of too much material pressure on Western women, and too many murderous Iraqi women are the result of too many of their men dying in battle, and free will is reduced to material, external variants.


Ibrahim Ibn Yusuf said...

See here for the testimony of a little girl who tells how the Israeli Defense Forces blew up the door of her house without prior warning, killing her mother.

See here for the picture of a 13-yr-old Palestinian boy, seen shivering with fear as Israeli soldiers have tied him up to the windscreen of their jeep to use him as a human shield so that the vehicle won't be attacked.

Thank you, Yaacov, for clarifying that when these two minors become suicide bombers it will be because their "unhinged society" has gone mad, not because of the brutality of their Israeli occupiers.

Anonymous said...


... And, they're mentally ill !

Why overlook the fact that there's a derangement syndrome in place for islamic women, who are born into tribes where they're considered "breeding goat stock."

You're not going to be able to approach any of this with Western standards. These discoveries are not on their list.

And, yes, you're dealing with savages.

Imagine "if" Disney could paint pictures of going from fantasy, to reality ...

Because, then you'd see people, as they exited the theater; with dead eyes ... And, they'd move forward to kill other people.

I give the "Mother Church" credit with being able to rouse their peasants, accordingly. But this ability stopped.

What was it, in the 20th Century that eviscerated, finally, the abilities of priests to make such mayhem? You mean, you didn't know of the IRA? You didn't know that what you're seeing isn't "new" to islam?

Disney, of course, never tried it.

Shows the differences between "peaceful religion" ... and business.

As to the NY Times, they are dying.

So? It' similar to the Vatican. The architecture is there. You've got libraries full of "stuff" ... but on a daily basis the customers flew out the window.

Just upped. And, moved away.

All that remains possible, ahead? (When you know the future is chuck full of possibilities) ... is that the pictures from where the terrorists exploded, just no longer become even news worthy "mentionables."

In a similar vein, so went the abilities of priests, in the name of "the one who flew" ... to "forgive" and "forget." Why? Reality tucked in with the swallowing of a birth control pill.

People are less like their grandparents than you think.

And, the real story of irak is no longer mentioned. However, it's an arab country. With oil wealth as its major resource. And, the Saud's didn't get to anchor their claws into this.

What sorts of governments do arabs get? Look around. Buy a clue.

And, since that's the way they're gonna live into the fore-see-able future; then you can notice that iran is NOT dealing with a neighbor where harmony gets produced. Ditto, for turkey. No matter how much islam you wave on this thing; what you get is more dis-similar than similar.

Irak? IT could have been worse.

Bush? What does he know. He never was much of a student of history. Where history would have shown him how the Founding Fathers wrote the Constitution; and, how, they got surprised when the ideals took off.

Here's another clue: When something works well, it works better than the sum of their parts.

The other thing? None of these exploding dopes enters saint-hood.

Saint-hood doesn't function among savages, either.

Even when a savage goes boom in the night; and the NY Times forces a tree to be cut down for pulp ... it doesn't really provide a road map to much.

Okay. I'll gamble. Fewer subscribers to the NY Times. And, fewer friends for the arabs when they venture beyond their tribes.