Sunday, July 6, 2008

Rational Palestinians Promoting their National Interests

The idea behind this so-called truce is that if there's no violence, life can become normal on both sides of the border. Not a hard concept to grasp, if you concentrate on it for a while.

Last week the Palestinians shot a few rockets, and the Israelis blocked the border crossings in retaliation. This morning Israel opened the crossings, and lo and behold: a few hours later the Palestinians were shooting again.


Lydia McGrew said...

Right, so since this so-called "ceasefire" is a total joke, why does anybody keep talking like it isn't? And why, for heaven's sake, why, is there talk of "extending it to the West Bank if it holds"??? I mean, it's _not_ holding. I can't figure out what Israeli leaders even think they are doing sometimes.

Anonymous said...


A long time ago, Hearst, who was a newspaper-man; said to one of his reporters that he was "looking for a war" ... and as long as there were "reports" from Cuba ... Hearst would "supply the war."

Now, what's really going on? The news-reporters, it seems "want a war to fall on Israel's head." Preferably one where the news reporters give ya the score. And, the Jews can't win.

Meanwhile, you've got a lot of arabs, who can't get a leg up on Israel. Who are throwing missiles from gazoo ... that land, indescriminately, but hardly ever hit anything.

When Olmert first became Prime Minister; back in the summer of 2006, he did move the IDF onto a "war footing" ... to retrieve two soldiers who were kidnapped by Nasrallah.

As long as the journalists can label things "wars" ... I guess there was such a spot. While about 50 cows got killed by flying missiles. Thank goodness not so many people.

And, when all was said and done; James Baker, in Bush's White House was pretty upset that Olmert "didn't listen to the "good" White House advice. And, Condi Rice got to dance with the french. (Before Sarkozy.) For what it's worth.

The Saud's didn't get what they wanted, either.

And, Iraq ha taken on a life of its own.

You might believe that the persians (who are now wearing the uniform of Iran), are actually running things in Iraq. But that wouldn't be true.

Irak is coming out of this thing okay.

While, yes, gazoo gets people all up in a lather. Especially, those who once lived in Gush Kadif. But had to leave.

So, that's what the media is using for fodder, these days.

Are you surprized that arabs haven't made much of beach front property?

Heck, I'm not even surprised that those who like to smoke dope, but who can't drive from Israel to Beirut; need to go to Amsterdam to "fix their habits."

And, that's probably how it's gonna be for quite some time.

Except for the drugs that make it through the tunnels.

You'd think the journalists could talk about that! They really do know the differences between islamic culture (where alcohol is forbidden). And, what's passing for life in gazoo. And, Beirut, too.

We're a long way from perfection, folks.

And, also a long way from war.

Meanwhile, all the diplomatic pants dancers are looking for their graft.

You might be unaware of all the cash that trades hands; but just like all those businesses that "traffic" ... it's got its cash incentives, ya know?

Believe it or not, things could be worse.

What's not a joke is that those stuck in gazoo can't go into eygpt, either. How do I know? Well, it gets reported that when they try to storm the "rafah gates" the eygptians open the water cannons.

And, just because journalists stay stuck on this "war footing" ... doesn't mean they know what they're talking about. So far? Beyond the stories of missiles, are the facts that traffic accidents (which can be horrific) happen at random.

For traffic? We develop detours. The the anti-Semitic hatreds that keeps the arabs doing what they do? I've got no answers. Except to say that "once upon a time" America's native indians were also unable to assimilate with civilization.

Darwin, ya know was right. In nature, those who adapt the best, survive.

As far as I can see the stuff that plays out in iran has the most un-adaptable player at the head of the table. Not so long ago? hitler was in those shoes.

But no matter what comes to pass; you can't teach savages a hell of a lot. Of course, the interesting piece about arabs is that they don't want to have conventional wars. So they opt for terror.

But what happens if you're not terrified?

Ibrahim Ibn Yusuf said...

According to the UN, Israel broke the truce seven times before the first Palestinian breach.

Also, the Palestinians shooting rockets are individuals the fragile government in Gaza can't stop. We have yet to see a photo of them shooting with Hamas officials looking on, like we see Israeli settlers in the West Bank stoning the Palestinian population with the IDF solciers looking on.

Yaacov said...

Give me a citation for either or both of those statements of yours.

Ibrahim Ibn Yusuf said...

Israel's truce violations: see here.

Israeli settlers in the West Bank stoning Palestinians with the IDF not stopping them: see here (stoning of schoolgirls) and here (stoning of a fenced Palestinian house by settlers who want to drive them out of the neighborhood).