Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Fewer Ruminations

This is to announce that Ruminations is changing format. I'm going to be traveling much of the coming month and will not be able to do much posting; even once I'm back I expect to slow the pace of blogging. So far I've aimed at a daily post or more; from now on I'll post less though perhaps the posts themselves may be more substantive. I find the blogging has been taking up too much time on a daily basis, but I'd like to continue using it as a place to formulate thoughts.

Another use I may decide to make of the blog will be as a footmarker, with links to illuminatingly ridiculous items, but without much discussion of them. As I've mentioned already, I'm mulling the possibility of writing a book on how to recognize antisemites. This won't happen until my business is solid enough, but in the meantime, why not mark the evidence for the prosecution?

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Anonymous said...


Oy, I'm not so sure it's so hard to recognize anti-Semitism. Nor do I think the dangerous, old-fashioned kind, that came courtesy of popes, is the one we have now. Even if you want to argue that the arabs are still using the old Christian methods. Wouldn't fit.

The biggest problem comes from technological changes; and the world's rather new dependence on oil and gas. And, how rich it made a few. Those with the resources underfoot.

In other words? Not all threats are the same.

And, even with putin, where I'm not surprised the "worker's paradise," which isn't ... is involved in tightening up putin's controls over wealth.

Keep your eyes on Cuba! (I don't think the Americcan military would "fold its tents" if Russia again tried to reclaim Cuba.) But you just never know.

But this makes anti-Semitism a "smaller package" ... rather than one that disappears from the face of the earth. It doesn't.

But if you wanted to, you could throw into the mix how charities work.

Seems we live in cultures, where in the West, people are so generous they toss money at others, whom they do not know. All in the name of "good will."

Yeah. The Morris Talansky's of the world, shows up as one of the parasites, who "bundles" cash ... be it for some cause. Or other. The people at the money end are not saints.

When I was young, my mother told me that the Church got most of its money from poor people. A penny at a time. When pennies were scarce. She explained it by pointing to the living conditions in tenaments. And, how, when those who went to church went in, "they felt their pennies built the place." And, hence you had a ready audience in the pews, listening to the crap that "Jews killed Jesus." Go ahead. Take it on faith.

The arabs are driven by tribal hatreds. So if you want to say "they all hate the Jews," I'd add "How Catholic of them."

But the face of anti-Semitism changed. Where once Jews didn't even fight back. Didn't even figure out that aristocrats blocked them from legitimate avenues of government, to even expect different treatment.


Less emphasis, I hope, on the "ordeals of the Holocaust," and, perhaps, enough of a change in focus to realize the costs the Europeans PAID for Hitler's "efficiencies." Go ahead. Ask the Poles!

Ask people who have real enemies coming their way from putin.

And, notice how poorly equipped the people who paid once for Hitler, are going to watch their lights go out, again. There just isn't a "workers paradise" in russia. Or in Marx.

But it's your book. In other words, do you see any evidence, yet, where anti-Semitism has been quelled?

And, have you noticed that in Europe the Church lost actual bodies that used to fill their pews?

Don't make light of the changes we've got. The world's on a path of technology. Until the energy runs out.

Oh, putin won't live forever.

But russians will never learn how to advance into a society that manufactures anything worthwhile. (That's why the Chinese can laugh.)