Thursday, August 14, 2008

The Inexhausible Capacity to Spin Convincingly

I've been reading Seamus Milne, one of the Guardian's top columnists, for years, and in my opinion the man is barking mad. But he's intelligent, and articulate, and his columns often present cogently what many in his ideological corner cannot say as well, so he's worth following. Today he explains that the war in Georgia was caused by American aggression and imperialism, and that Russia is the victim. Russia, the victim of imperialism. You heard me. It even says so in the newspaper.


Anonymous said...


Geez, I think you should stop wasting your time with the Guardian; rather than looking to gain time by stopping your blog.

Hidden from view, here, is another reality. Putin will see to it that the oil and gas "runs on time." Which a desperate Europe NEEDS. While all "those break-aways" have ... are the same black marketeers.

You don't believe me? The Georgians were taking shipments of arms from Israel, to use in its own defense, and trans-shipping this stuff, including the best stuff, like "night vision" apparatus. All the way to Gazoo. (While the russians can't fight in the dark!)

Worse! Russia is using the GOONS, famous for rape and pillage. Just to terrorize their "ground gains."

OH, and AMerica comes along and is sending in charity ships. So, I ask you: How long before this stuff ends up being sold on the black market? How long before the "Georgian foot soldiers" are carry contraband, that came to them free; "at a price" ... by just toodling over the border to Poland, so they can run free as they caravan stuff into Eastern Europe?

You didn't know of the shortages in Eastern Europe?

You didn't know of the scoundrels the russians, and their commie followers, grow? Then tell me, why is it that russia hasn't got manufacturing worth a darn? How come everything in russia breaks? And, even their soldiers run on vodka?

I've heard the song and dance. America let her friends down.

Same song got sung in 1991. When the KURDS pushed against Saddam. And, paid the price.

The KURDS are still paying the price! You didn't hear about the AMERICANS, who own the air space in Irak, allowing the Turks to cross-the-boarder to shoot at Kurdish positions didn't happen?

Oh. And, then what? No body bag counts. So you don't know if the 100,000 Turks go "in" came out verticle or horizontal.

No, you can't just "bring democracy," as if its contained in a beacon of light.

And, if you think the media spins, then their spinning downward towards the red ink zone.

As to "spin" ...the only one I'm interested in are the Pentagon swivel chairs ... and which way they're turning now? Because there was evidence from satellites, of the military build up.

What was it? The geniuses at the CIA, etc., who are responsible for projecting troop movements, etc., thought the Chinese Olmypics would keep the russians too occupied?

Talk of opportunities taken. And, lessons learned.

Now? Well everybody with an Internet connection and a brain, knows spin doesn't work. And, russia is still tethered to a supply line it can't fill. And, greedy hands are going to be all over those airlifted supplies. Soon, it will look like just a flea market, in a terrible neighborhood.

Oh, yeah. Israel said, (and I'll repeat this), IF russia actually sells the S-300 to Iran ... then Israel will use electronics to make the russian crap ineffective. And, ya know what? I wouldn't be surprised, either.

Anonymous said...


Gosh, this looks like the worst timing for Livni. Who had gotten ahead of the pack in her stupid insider's race. Where Ehud Barak sees the disaster.

For Barak? The disaster seems to be that IF Livni wins the race to head Kadima; she won't form a new government on Olmert's "time" ... but she will press for NEW ELECTIONS right away! (Which might explain WHY she is actually ahead in the polls.)

New elections brings Israeli citizens a chance to vote by January of '09.

And, Labor dies by losing a few more seats. In the last debacle they went to 19. And, however the media measures these things (where polls are usually INACCURATE). Labor can go to 14 seats. Not enough to grab away good portfolios.

In such a case? Israel swings RIGHT. NOT CENTER. So? Right Foot. LEft Foot. STill isn't stable.

Yet Livni has to worry that Condi Rice is back on the stage, repeating her act that led to "1701." And, reminds Israelis of "the summer of 2006."

No. I don't smell "peace in the air."

But plenty of pieces.

Anonymous said...


It's a sin not to go to the Drudge Report, just to see his headlines.

The russians are destroying the georgian air fields. AND, the "humiliated" georgian troops are firing on reporters. Civilians. Whatnot. Totally UNDISCIPLINED.

Of course, I'm not surprised.

And, "damaged runways" are just pot holes on the road ... fixable in "no time flat."

Just wait until you see all the free goodies getting carted in, NOT destributed. But fodder for the mafia. And, soon sold on the black market.

How does this arise? You could learn something from Morris Talansky. More cash sticks to the handler's hands ... than goes out to help poor people.

Same in politics.

Or you didn't notice all the cash John Edwards had to service his secret kid;

When you figure this one out, you'll see the levels of money.

But you won't see anything democrapic.

Anonymous said...


Since communism is "religion-free" ... what the Georgians have, where they have a hold on Bush, isn't about democracy, so much as it is about CHURCH stuff. I think Bush is enamored of the turn of events, where Georgia and the Ukraine, have gone back to their christian roots.

(That their christian roots are anti-Semitic, you might say? Bush doesn't notice that.)

But that's the hook.

And, that's why there's this "shift" where puin has to deal with Bush; when Bush ain't happy. And, his legacy had gone to pot.

Other than dead civilians; counted differently here than say in Lebanon, in 2006. So there's no "green helmet guy." And, the undertaker with the dead babies in his refrigerated truck ... isn't peppering the scene with little bodies ...

You really are getting "spin."

What do the russians get?

The insiders are having a mafia fight over the oil and gas pipelines. Where I see the advantage goes to putin.

I don't think europeans all line up for big displays of christianity, anymore.

Bush. Does. Though.

Lydia McGrew said...

Yep. I've been arguing with some American paleocons who think something rather similar. Paleocons are the right-est of the right on social issues (where I agree with them) and even on race, where they and the Left hate each other cordially. But when it comes to foreign policy, the difference between an American paleocon and a leftie is often not visible to the naked eye.