Sunday, September 28, 2008

Philip Mendes on Benny Morris on 1948

Philip Mendes has a fine review of Benny Morris' new book, here. If you don't have the time or inclination to read the full book, this seems like a reasonable synopsis, and can be useful to counter the many myths (=lies) often told about the war of 1948.

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Anonymous said...


Calling someing "revisionist history" is eye-opening. And, to notice that Benny still gets traction!

Meanwhile, in the USA, the definition of "crisis" is being rewritten by the MSM, the democrats in congress. And, is being helped by Bush. There have never been more villains at play, on America's democracy and her potential, than now.

To me? It's like watching THE PERILS OF PAULING. Can they get away with it?

From a media standpoint, we've gone from the invention of the radio, to TV, to the computer. To what we have now, in about a century. Most of the "greats" of their time are now collecting dust.

No one gets to know the outcomes of today's events on the future.

And, of course, the Saud's never paid a price for 9/11. Because, Bush is their friend.

Bush, of course, can end up leaving office with his legacy destroyed. But then? He expects to get as good a treatment BY the press ... as Benny Morris gets here.

I'm also not so sure that this desire to give the arabs "territory" isn't also a reality check. It's what happens when you win territory in wars ... all of them. And, then you find you can't sign a peace treaty with either Jordan, or Eygpt, giving back the "lands containing arabs," because?

Well, would you want to be given, as a gift, all the slums in the world? I think not.

And, I think, even if we do nothing but watch ... we may see the MSM "losing." Whose to say they can make Obama a strong winner ... with all of this crisis nonsense?

Who know? IF all the efforts of mice and men ... under the sun ... still don't amount to a hill of beans.

As long as the Saud's, Kuwaiti's, and other assorted muslims, draw their wealth from oil ... it's hard to interfere with what their money then buys.

You want some comfort? At some point, ahead, the oil runs out. And, then what? Will you look at what they built? Will freedom hold?

In America, now, freedom is actually on shakey ground. There are billionaires on Wall Street aiming for the taxpayer. And, a host of socialists who are willing to do the dirty work.

What can I say? Stay tuned.