Friday, September 26, 2008

Tsipi Livni?

Gerard Baker has an article in the Times of London speculating that whoever wins the upcoming elections in the US will fail dismally, and things will get better only with the next fellow (gal?). I wouldn't know about all that, but he's got an interesting underlying question: who in his sane mind would want the job right now? The reason I ask is because the situation in Israel could easily fit the same description. The job of Israeli prime minister is easily the second trickiest job in the world, trailing only after that of the American president for the things you can do wrong and the ease of messing up on a grand scale (can you think of any other such position? Let's say the chancellor of Germany screws up, not to mention Canada: who'd ever even notice?). That's in normal times. Right now, whoever's occupying that house up on Balfour st. will have to deal with all of the usual, plus making the decision about Iran. What sane person would want the job?

The other day I got a phone call from a pollster, who grilled me on my opinions and positions (in Israel. She never asked me about Palin). Part of the interview included a long series of questions where I was to rate the aptitude of Bibi, Barak and Tsipi to do this that and the other. Graded between 1-10. I consistently gave Bibi 2 out of 10 (been there, done that) except for as minister of the treasury, which he did extraordinarily well. Barak got a consistent 4 out of 10 (been there, no need to go back). Tsipi? I gave her a consistent 6 out of 10. As I said to the pollster, who groaned her agreement, what do we know about Livni? Almost nothing, but we hope for the best.

The Americans wonder what they know about Obama, and almost all have made up their mind (this way or that) about Palin. Well, Livni has been near the center of our limelight for a decade already, in various ministerial positions, thus trouncing all four American candidates combined, but no-one has the faintest idea if she's up to the job. With the possible exception of the 70-year-olds who ascended to the job between 1994-2001 (there were three of them), the only way we know if someone is up to the job is by letting them have it, and watching them fail.

Livni has the tremendous advantage that she's apparently not corrupt, and not even all that dirtied as a political hack. Exactly a set of abilities that are irrelevant to success at the job she seems likely soon to have. So we hope for the best.

By the way: if and once she gets the job, which seems rather likely, Israel will be the only country in the world with women at the head of all three executive branches: Dorit Beinish is the head of the supreme court, Dalia Itzik is the head of the knesset, and Tsipi. It's nice to be so much more progressive than all those liberals.


Anonymous said...


The Times of London?

Give me a break. England's entered the sewer pipe. And, the muslims "rule" more than sanity, over there.

Plus, they're way too liberal to understand American dynamics.

The Brits have a record, too, of underestimating the YANKS.

Is there a big issue in DC? Yup. An attempt by the democrats to kill the private sector ... but turning mismanged Wall Streeters (only 26 big firms) ... from failing.

WHen Bush first came into office, he just wasn't popular enough to bail out ENRON. Now? He still has "popularity" problems. And, McCain is getting out of DC with Obama. To go to their "first debate." So my guess is: The dems vote in masse, but then? We have elections on 11/4. And, there are plenty of frightened politicians wondering if they can keep their seats and perches in DC. Or Obama will drag everyone down? It's hard to say.

Elections in Israel have done the same thing. I mean, you remember Shinui?

How much money did the cardiologists in Israel pocket; when they "took over" Arik Sharon's health issues. Making a mountain out of a fabricated "default value?" You'd think the whole lot of them would be embarrassed, now. Since Sharon's ticker is still ticking. And, the one thing he didn't have was a heart valve replacement procedure.

Livni really doesn't have popularity. Unless you want to believe "EXIT POLLS." Which turned out to be dishonest.

Yes. Right now the media, in Israel and in America, too, have lost sight of the people. They run like elitists. So you'll get to read plenty of garbage. OR? You can import this crap from England. Dunno why.

If you want something good from England, however, you have to take a look at their WAR COLLEGES. Where after battles are over, it's the Brit's who pay the most attention to what really happened. They're the ones who tell the truth ... and help clear the smoke, away. BIDDELL-HART is also a good read.

So is Winston Churchill.

So is Shakespeare.

Shows ya. A small Island. And, the real influences given to the rest of the world.

Meanwhile, Israel suffers from being "over-lawyered." Big charges from the corrupted police; go straight to a few news handlers. And, "crimes" are blown out of all proportion.

Cases don't arrive in court. Seems it's okey-dokey just to make newspaper charges. As if history can't shine a light on all these "mafia" political issues.

You want something better? First, you've got to remove Karl Marx; and the "socialist scum" that floats around holding power. And, not really letting people vote.

In America? You think the democrats are popular?

You think the fat cats that created the problem are going to get bonus checks? You believe in Christmas?

Anonymous said...


Has anyone noticed that Ehud Barak again pulled the rug out from under Livni's feet?

Again, he's not cooperative.

I guess the spin doctors in the media haven't figured out this bum, yet.

So? Olmert stays seated.

Livni doesn't get to form a government.

And, there will be "new elections" sometime shortly after 2009 begins.

Livni, not to look like a total fool, will have to call for them.

Ah. But that pulls the rug out from under Ehud Barak? Yup. Man's just not popular enough to face what voters can do.

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