Monday, November 24, 2008

The Guardian Waltzes with Bashir

Waltz with Bashir, an Israeli film about the events and memory of the First Lebanon War of 1982, has apparently just opened in London - and the Guardian is fascinated. The film is listed here, and reviewed here here and here: wildly favorably in all cases. This isn't surprising, given that it's an anti-war film, but the Guardian reviewers seem mostly to be getting the complexity. This is especially stark in Phillip French's review, which contains a mixture of the outlandish alongside the fair:
What we have here are atrocities comparable with many on the Eastern Front in the Second World War that form part of the Holocaust...

But we must note that a similar inquiry could not have taken place in any Arab country, nor a film like Ari Folman's be made there.
I haven't seen the film, by the way. But I saw the war.


Anonymous said...


Actually, what was really amazing is how the COWARDLY Begin pushed Arik Sharon into the center of the whirlwind. The center of "taking the blame." CUTE.

Also, not discussed, here? Well it took 40 years to go from the success of "getting out of Eygpt, so to speak," and winning the Six Day War. Gaining new ground. And, then? Just letting the politics rid the Israeli political leadership of any common ground.

Up flew the "boys from brooklyn." Who knows? They may even have "dual citizenship?" If not in Brooklyn? Then, why not back to Eastern Europe? Desperate as they are to "up their population base." And, yes, these "Dual" arrangements have become quite popular among Israelis.

But who is counting?

40 years. And, now the Israeli public sees "light" coming from the very borders originally given to the State, by the UN, back in 1948.

As to the arabs that fled? It's gonna be money in the bank for millions. Even though at best count, only half a million actually fled from Israel. And, those that stayed? Got more benefits than any of their arab brethren. Still shouting and dancing against Israel's strength.

With the religious lunatics, all you need is 40 years, and all by themselves, even when Moses was at the helm,the left Eygpt. A far advanced society at its time and place. For a land of Milk & Honey.

Only thing is, Israel had no cows. So all the milk got spritzed by sheep. Not exactly the delicacy it became when cows enter and feed nations.

The crazy left (even with their megaphone stuck on make-believe, hollywood style), will never convince most people that arabs are sane.

But we fight our warfares, not wanting to involve men into coming in harm's way. So, who wants wars? Which deplete treasuries, for the likes (in USA terms) of korea and Vietnam? Crazy leadership.

And, now? America's navy can't make a dent into the piracy done by somalis in speed boats. Why not?

And, what will the future be?

Since BLACKWATER has been the most successful arm to the USA's efforts in Irak; then you could quess "CORSAIRS." (A corruption of the term "papers of Marque.") Which gave different privateers the rights to steal from pirates. If they had the nerve to meet them on on the high seas.

In other words? Laws don't have to make sense. They have to be effective.

While in Israel? Where you have a draft? And, where the yeshiva-goons get away with service; you might want to ask "how did they do that?"

But "How" isn't as important as "what's next."

And, what's next ... comes from Arik Sharon laying in a coma; with his ticker still working ... And, politicians from the left and right, knowing more about trade than the average person; doesn't want to fall foul, on this playing field.

And, res. There is a "counter-effect." Too many Israelis were forced to go into Lebanon back in 1982.

Were there promises? You bet. Do you know why there were American Marines stationed in Beruit in 1982? Do you know how Ronald Reagan reacted when hundreds of Marines lost their lives to bombing? He just left.

And, Israel was left with the bag of trash. Coming out of Lebanon. Whose main purpose, as a country, now, is violence. And, an arm of Syria. But the real money is raised by selling hash-hish. Grown in the Bak'kata Valley. And, selling this crap is better than selling barrel fulls of oil.

So, I no longer wonder about the "5 to 7 Mafia Families," in Tel Aviv, warring with each other. You can bring in hash-hish on fishing boats, if you can't get a road built that would get you into Lebanon which is a 3 hours drive away.

As to using the Holocaust as a "motto," here, again, you can see how the "word was used to raise money" among so many guilt-ridden Jews. That it put "something" on the map. That doesn't explain the whole story. And, never will.


Because there's will-full negligence when it comes to leaving out BIG PIECES of the whole!

... And, in 40 years, Sanity got out-paced by lunatics. Quick! Before your eyes! A film of meaningless twattle. As people, themselves, forgot how to do the hard and laborious work of searching for new ideas. And, teaching people to learn how to really listen.

Anonymous said...

I saw the film and strongly recommend to view it.

In some way, it is typical Israeli left-wing, as taking over responsibility for everything...

On the other hand, true, it's an anti-war film. But even more is it a film about memories, how they work, what does it tell about us etc.

Go and see.

Regards, Kai