Sunday, November 23, 2008

Hillary Outdoing Bill?

Jeffrey Goldberg wants Hillary to be Secretary of State, because he thinks she has a real chance of succeeding with the Israelis&Palestinians. (In spite of her husband not succeeding. Or perhaps because she watched from close up). He also links to an earlier interview with her that focused on Israel-Palestine.

Well, it's nice to hope, anyway.

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Anonymous said...


How silly can ya get?

Hillary being nominated for Secretary of State tells you a lot about Obama! Unafraid, he intends to be the best president he can be! And, he's a student of FDR's, to boot.

FDR, using charm, was the head of the democratic party. He said there were just two fascists, in American politics (whom he feared). The first was Huey Long. (Who was assassinated when he was 42). And, Douglas MacArthur.

Given how good MacArthur was in Japan, it shows ya what having those skills can do. But Truman didn't want to see him in the White HOuse; and so MacArthur's career was destroyed.

Yes, Hillary can be a contendah in 2016. Not 2012. And, whatever her "loyalties" ... she's now above Schumer. And, Schumer used his fat behind, and the fact that he's the senior senator from NY State, to actually stay in Hillary's way.

What the democrats have now is CO-OPERATION.

Obama is also going to choose Larry Summers (past president of Harvard, where he ran into looney feminists). He was also on Bill Clinton's staff.

Yes, the economy is swirling out of control. But Obama is picking people on ability.

As to Israel, don't go and overlook your problems!

You've got extremist, religious nutters, attacking the IDF! And, dancing because the IDF does not react!

Excuse me? It's a sign of maturity not to react to the religous lunatics. Who swear "no one will be able to move them out of buildings, they steal. Or out of the West Bank.

You might want to stop and think. Since this "religious deal" ... which the extremists have cloaked all of Israel in, is, in fact, a LIE. Most Isrealis want to be rid of all the problems they got, following the Six-Day-War. And, there are few sympathies for the Haredi, who thought they won Jerusalem, hook, line and sinker.

Anyway, outside of the religious circle, all of Israel's youth must participate in the IDF. The draft involves your next generation! And, when they are assigned to Hebron, for instance? The extremists supply violent religious fanatics to attack them.

Take if from me, you don't need to wonder what can happen when Jews are made to feel like shit defending the country. By religious fanatics! Who think there's no price to pay!

Can you imagine they think they can hold this position, too? What will they start screaming? "Hitler, and Holocaust?" Zombies.

Expect to see new borders. And, don't expect the loons who are "in charge" now, gaining any ground.

Too bad that Israel had no room to teach SPINOZA, MARTIN BUBER, and EINSTEIN. You could learn a lot from a world that's moderate. And, less likely to embrace fanatics.

As to Hillary? She also has a daughter. SHe wants to find the road to popularity, not just with Bill, but with opportunities to come for Chelsea.

Yes, the Palestinians will have their own land! And, yes, I expect that Jerusalem will be divided. Cry me a river. I'd like to see the city grow out of it's current morass, where it's still a backwater. Maybe, ya just need a little competition from the City's "new second half?" The Haredi buses, where women are spit at, and ostracized to the back? Who will fund this crap?

Who will repair the fabric, where the IDF is treated like scum?

How will those drafted soldiers ever forgive?