Sunday, November 23, 2008

Historians Can't Lie

I've noticed that "Bush Legacy" articles are quite in vogue these days, as columnists try to get in one last dig at the outgoing presidency. Of course, there's a wee problem in the exercise, in that by definition, the legacy will get written, or written and re-written, by folks who aren't writing right now. I mean, that's sort of the point, isn't it? The assumption that a future generation, firmly embedded in a reality that's different from ours, will look back at this moment with its own perspectives, not with ours.

But we of the chattering class, we've got to chatter. So here's an interesting example of the genre: Kevin Libin suggests various things about the Bush presidency that might look different in the future, but ultimately expects they won't make much difference because (today's) academics really really don't like him, and it's academics who write the history books. (My italics added).

I rest my case.

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Anonymous said...


Shame on any "historian" who hasn't got handy facts. You could learn how the GOP screwed up the 20th Century. They had Warren Harding. And, then they had Herbert Hoover. (And, yes. We got Prohibition written into the US Constitution.) But all of that has been EXPUNGED!

Do the Bush's have anything left to their aristocracy? Probably not. Like in vaudeville, "they had their run."

If Dubya had been successful? Jeb had his tongue hanging out to be named the head of the GOP ticket. Now? It's moot.

Poppy? Wasn't such a hit. Lost to Clinton after 1 term. And, there's no great record out there for either Bush presidency.

While our economy is in the tank. And, it's estimated it stays there until at least 2010.

Bush's biggest disaster was his personality! In other words? The GOP had to be crazy to pick a man who can't connect. And, who has no charisma. And, who also has a terrible speech defect. He can't even give a good speech!

Poor Reagan. Capable of writing his own speeches, and writing circles around his speech writers, was never very agressive at defending himself. So people called him an idiot. IT. DID. NOT. STICK!

Remember this, if you remember nothing else, neither father, nor son, was ever able to convince the public that they were "doing the right things." And, they never thought it was necessary to even bring the people on board.

Sure. Sometimes a politician is in the right place, and the right time, and he's "elevated." But never remembered well. (On the other side? When they stink like Jimmy Carter the smells linger.)

Up ahead, too, there will be discussions of how the Saud's paid to turn Islam towards Wahabbi extremism. And, then, to fund the attacks on 9/11.

What did Dubya do? He invited "prince" Bandar to the White House on 9/12. The two men chatted out on the upper floor's patio; because they wanted privacy. And, both men smoked cigars. By the time Bandar left, the only planes flying out of the USA on 9/12, and 9/13, belonged to the saud's. And, they moved out their own!

Please. No excuses.

Now, you know? I have no idea how Olmert will do in the history books? It sure appears that the State was used against him. And, Morris Talansky was a "tool."

For Bibi? Well, supposedly, he's ahead. But you don't get elections till February.

I also don't think Katsav ever raped a woman. I think he saw the tits on plenty of women in his employ; who took to opening their blouses. And, men aren't blind.

Sure. Shimon Peres has Katsav's presidency. You're proud of that?

What if, ahead, Israel fails? Failure would involve as many people leaving the country ... as used to come in. (Yeah. Even the "boys from Brooklyn" can look to go back to Brooklyn.)

What if "the Jewish flavor" got limited to no choice but the ultra-orthodox, European shtetl choice?

What happens when it appears it pays to know English! And, Israel isn't even thinking of introducing this across the board?

You think people are stuck?

It took a lot of hard work to make the desert bloom. But without economic rewards? Forget about seeing labor like that coming down the pike, again.

Given how much information is out there; and how small this has made our world, I do expect people to put more attention on some of the myths; that hamper them. They hug the myths to belong to the group. But the myths don't tell them about how many Jews used to leave Judea, not waiting to be carted off as prisoners, after a war.

Yes, Eygpt saw big concentrations of Jews. In Alexandria. And, Carthage, at least. (Carthage was destroyed by Rome.)

In time, Rome got destroyed.

And, other myths grew among ignorant peasants. Because? It allowed aristocrats to gain currency from "the" church.

As to academia, it will remain a place where questions can be asked. And, libraries found.

Academics, at least, seem to sweep in new ideas, and toss out old ones, all of the time. So, don't go with what's "popular." Fads come and go. Learning, on the other hand is an enrichment. And, to have this you need the spare time. You can't be worked morning till night, just to eke out a living.

As to "vogue" ... this doesn't hold a candle to research.

And, the things Dubya did that hurt America; from Irak to Wall Street. Paying the piper? Dubya will be the one that started this downhill process. You can bank on it.