Thursday, November 27, 2008

Innocent Until Proven Guilty

According to Mohamed el-Baradei, talking about Syria and whether it was or wasn't engaged in a nuclear program
"There is one thing called investigation, another called clear-cut proof of innocence or guilt ... and all of you, even if you are not lawyers, know that people and countries are innocent until proven guilty," he said.
Nonsense. Pure and unadulterated nonsense. There is no doctrine of innocent countries until they're proven guilty, nor has there ever been one, nor should there ever be. It is a sad reflection of the level of public discussion that the man was able to get away with such a statement and no-one called him for it.


Anonymous said...


Russia is now bragging that Iran's nuke plant will be done in 2009.

So, you see a lot of the terrorists are thinking they can throw fear into the hearts of mankind just by threatening nukes.

I guess they're waiting for someone with the clout to sign their paper agreements? Well, Chamberlain's dead. And, nobody else has "the clout." Headlines? Worthless. Really printed fish wrap.

But what can happen with this technology getting put hither and yon?

I have no idea.

But wars of the future will be brutal. Hardly likely that they'll be able to go on for years. Because of the massive destruction.

Does that mean the saber rattlers win?

Perhaps, it's puzzling that the West holds back? No "saber rattling" responses. Could mean the power is there, but is unleashed.

All that remains unknown, now, is when the match hits the fuse. And, no, I don't think we'll see "conventional forces." I still think the element of surprise is in the hands of the good guys.

The UN schmendricks need not apply.

Anonymous said...


Leave it to the Jerusalem Post to put up a good article once in a while. An article that lets you see into this ruse "of all those talks." They labeled every single talking prime minisster, a version of Yitzhak Shamir.

Did Yitzhak talk? OF course. Did he give anything away? No siree. It's only the Americans who give away Israel. They feel "entitled" because they think Israel is a creation of Harry Truman. Which it is not.

Harry Truman was just "playing the odds." He thought he'd declare he recognized Israel as State, but he also thought the Arabs were about to attack; and he also thought he'd have to talk about how the Jews got defeated. "He meant well."

All American presidents "mean well." Except Nixon. Who had to resign. And, back in October 1972, it scared him that he'd be adding Israel's destruction to his list of woes.

Israel pulled out of the nose dive.

And, this time around? Alas, 40 years after coming to Jerusalem, in the Six Day War; we've invested too heavily in the "boys from Brooklyn." And, the ultra-orthodox, so angry at the entire secular world, have no compunction but to destroy IDF soldier's morale. One soldier at a time.

As if this shows them off to be bigger and better than any state.

As to the talks, look whom you're talking to: ARABS. They, too, can talk. Don't expect to get a good deal on any rugs, though.

To arabs, "talking" is a game. And, what they want is money.