Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Obama has Learnt from the Romans (Good!)

Charlotte Higgens tells that Obama's magnificent oratorical skills are built on the principles of Roman oratorical methods. I recommend highly.

Cultural creations are generally forgotten by the next day. The ones that last millenia generally have a reason for surviving. Jewish tradition is based upon reading and re-reading ours; Western civilization had its canon. The fact that the 2oth century lost almost all of its cultural baggage, and the early 21st century has forgotten they were ever there, is not to our credit.

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Anonymous said...


My goodness, as if people will even know what you're referencing!

First of all, Obama has also understood TV. SO, a good reference point is Ronald Reagan.

Reagan discovered it didn't matter what people said about him. Why? Because he CONTROLLED THE VISUALS.

And, in time, after so many tried convincing people that "Reagan was an idiot." He gave the media ALL THE VISUALS. Including his ability to answer questions with a twinkle in his eye. And, confidence spilling from his lips.

Well? What happened when th Sam Donaldson's really got "snarky?"

Ah, then, on a race to his helicopter; he'd cup his ears. And, no, he didn't give an impression that he was deaf. only a nice guy "on the run to catch his plane."

The Romans didn't have all the tools. And, besides, they wore itchy white togas. Where, if you wore one while in college, it would come off when you got drunk. And, yours wasn't full of white powder. Which was used to make them snowy white.

Snowy White used to be priceless.

Obama is showing up, however, that he can galvanize the crowds. Sure, he's not the first! Martin Luther King, Jr., mustered the crowds! But that was back in the 1960's.

Today? You don't need to have a dream to see this. Just marvel at the grace. And, the technique. While standing beside Obama are a lot of democrats, who yearn for the days of FDR. When real politics was mastered by the Executive.


Don't forget "Good Times Are Here, Again," was FDR's theme song. Used in all 4 of his elections. And, he won each one!

You think 1932 was such a good year?

Maybe, a good song, though, starts an upbeat sound to resound with the public. The GREAT DEPRESSION is not held against FDR.

But, the one we just had? Where the Wall Street buffoons turned their stores into a "ride towards the casino?" Why did they do that? How could they sell the crap they did?

And, isn't it possible "all the bailout" is about ... is covering up the shinanigans; where really good money thought it was chasing TRIPLE A rated BONDS. Which turned out to be worth ZERO. And, the collapse? As soon as the inflated real estate prices had a DEFAULT rate of 14% ... Everything went bust.

No one out there explaining this to you in terms you understand? Wait a bit. Michael Lewis is scribbling away right now. And, something on par with Liar's Poker, will come out to greet your eyeballs early next year.

Obama? He's getting the same break FDR got. And, he seems quite talented. So, yes, in good times, you could watch a monkey. (Dubya represents "the monkey.) In bad times, though you better hope your CEO, or your president, has the skills to stop the downturn.

This was once explained to me on a chart. Arrows going up? A monkey can run the company. Arrows heading down? It's a suicide spiral unless someone really good reaches the helm.

Ain't based on religion.

Ain't based on politics as usual.

Looking at Obama, now, he certainly doesn't look like a guy selected from a pile of crap called "Politics As Usual."

Can America be this lucky?

Stay tuned.