Tuesday, November 25, 2008

On the Audacity of Being Human

Someone e-mailed me this as a gag. But I don't think it's merely funny. To me, the showdown between a large snake and a curious and fearless child epitomizes a fundamental characteristic of mankind.


Anonymous said...


True. It is definitely not a gag! But it looks like something done in either India, or Indochina. Where a dangerous cobra becomes a "gimmick" to raise funds; as people watch this "weird religious cult" play with snakes. Yes, their children die.

It is, however, a lesson.

Today's Drudge, to give you another example, is headlining a russian professor, who claims America is not only bankrupt; but doomed to be divided into six pieces. And, "Alaska" which this russian claims "is only on lease" ... will go back to the russian thugs.

Oh, the article gets better! He says there have been bank collapses. This is true. (True, for FDR, as well. Who declared a "bank holiday" just to get people to calm down, and refrain from pulling out their meager savings.) This current crisis? Happened to the INVESTMENT side. Where MOODY'S and Standard & Poor, took "slivers" of mortgage paper, and repackaged them. As "Collateralized Mortgage Debt." These pieces of shit they tagged "Triple A" ... so that all the big players could come in and muck it up. Not the homeowners! But the pension funds. And, other countries, too. (Which is exactly the bonds being paid off.) Michael Lewis will give this full exposure; as soon as his book is published next year.

But just so you can see the error the russian professor made: He jumped to the conclusion that russian banks could step forward. "Now that American banks have collapsed." As if people trust the russians 'better.' HA!

Oh, he also said, the Chinese, loaded as they are, "could become the next big central banker to the world." forgetting what China's problem is.

Just as in your terrifying picture of an innocent toddler's curiosity being used to get her familiar with this murderous pet ... You just can't go and overlook culture.

There's more than one way to get culture shock.

And, since it's only a picture. We do not know the parents. Nor are there any laws applicable; these sub-human parents, prance on.

When the tragedy occurs, the woman cries. And, again, in some cultures, that only makes the men laugh.

Anonymous said...


Wouldn't it be something (or, maybe just wishful thinking), for the snake to have more sensitivity towards the toddler, than the parents have?

I kid you not.

Who says the snake is more stupid that this child's father? Not in my book. HELLO, EVE. LISTEN TO THE SNAKE.