Sunday, December 21, 2008

Gaza: Alternate Realities

The Guardian tells of the horrors that Israel is inflicting on Gaza. No reason is given for Israel's bizarre cruelty. Near the end of the article, there's an enigmatic mention of the fact that Egypt is colluding with Israel in blockading Gaza, but if there's no explanation of Israel's barbarity, there isn't even acknowledgment that the Egyptians are equally "guilty".

Meanwhile, over at Y-net, the discussion is about the apparent need to invade Gaza in order to halt the rocket attacks from there on Israeli civilians. No mention of the Egyptian blockade here, nor of the Israeli one.

Neither article mentions the fact the electorate of Gaza democratically elected a government that denies Israel's right to exist, nor the other fact that in 2005 (a mere three years ago) Israel unilaterally pulled all its troops and civilians out of Gaza, thereby giving the Palestinians the opportunity to build their own future there, while proving to Israel that leaving the Palestinians alone without settlements leads to peace.


Anonymous said...

isn't it interesting how the emergence of the Palestinians can be described, if somebody is not keen on bashing Israel ?
rgds, Silke
In the long run, outsiders also worry that a cohesive militant group will organize across Darfur’s many camps, just as they emerged in the Palestinian territories and among Afghan refugees.

Anonymous said...

Also, none of the articles mentions the deliveries from Israel to Gaza from February to June and from June to December 2008.
(Depending on your browser, you might have to scroll down a bit to see the data.)