Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Arab Leaders, International Law, and Genocide

Sudan's leader Omar al-Bashir, recently indicted by the ICC for his role in the genocide in Darfur has been greeted with open arms at the meeting of Arab leaders in Doha yesterday. (Yes, that would be the Doha that gives its name to the present round of international trade talks. Heh). The fact that the man is one of the top criminal around doesn't seem to perturb his Arab brothers. Keep this in mind the next time they or their mouthpieces rant on and on about how horrendous Israel is, where even if you take their version of events Israel hasn't done anything remotely similar to the genocide in Sudan (nor to the previous one, in southern Sudan, with 2,000,000 dead).

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Anonymous said...

listen to the silk-tongued descendant of the Mahdi about Sudanese politics http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p002bxmb
asked about the darker aspects of Sudanese politics she said something like it was all about unity, keeping things together, period, no discussion of methods chosen asked for ...
who can dare to say something against that? ;-((((