Monday, June 29, 2009

Jews Can Be Our Worst Enemies

A Dutch organization whose aim is to convince Dutchmen to boycott Israel has been rebuked by a local "truth in advertising" watchdog for, how shall we put it, fibbing.

So we've got some folks blatantly lying so as to hurt the Jewish State. I think that's a reasonable early warning sign of antisemitism, don't you? I continue to think so, even after reading the item all the way through:
Peace chairman Joost Hardeman, who is Jewish and says he supports Israel
but opposes its occupation of Palestinian land, told Haaretz earlier this year
that he rejected the center's allegations. "We do not propose a comprehensive
ban on Israeli goods, and we are opposed to this," he said. "We only demand that
consumers be made aware, through labeling, of the origins of the goods they are


Anonymous said...

consumers be made aware, through labeling, of the origins of the goods they are

this is strange and I can't quite believe that consumer goods in Holland are not labelled as to provenance - this is age old custom in packed-up goods in German supermarkets - should the packers really entertain two different packing systems, one for Germany, one for the Netherlands?
and boxes in fruit-shops tend to be labelled also unless they claim to be farmer market stuff.

rgds, Silke

Darryl Dempsey said...

I'm an aussie who has lived in the Netherlands now for 20 years. The origin of most if not all products in supermarkets here is indeed on the packaging. The most delicious celery, corn-on-the-cob, etc. which we buy has Produce of Israel on the packaging. (Carmeli I think). Have also bought other (non-food) products where Made in Israel is clearly labelled.

With jewish 'supporters' of Israel like that guy Joost Hardeman, who needs enemies? Dishonest in his advertising and dishonest about his motives.

His comments made me think of an old joke in Australia:
There're two things I really hate:
racism and aborigines.

Substitute anti-semitism and jews in the above.

Darryl Dempsey

Anonymous said...

I await the calls to boycott Iranian pistachios and carpets.


Anonymous said...

Darryl Dempsey:
thanks for the confirmation that labelling also "works" in the Netherlands. I think it already worked when it was mandatory to boykott South-African fruit - but why oh why is the only Carmel labelled stuff available to me and that only once in a while Paprika - which is definitely superior to all its competitors.
PS: I hope I do not get a bad mark for my Paprika-Love because Dr. Lozowick is adverse to food faddism

Anonymous said...

Silke, Israeli Paprika taste much too good to have anything to do with food faddism :)

Have you ever tried tomatoes from Israel? (Those who look like plums. They grow the same or a similar variety in Gaza, which is also very good.) Or cucumbers? But be warned, it is hard to go back to the normal stuff once you have had them. I have tried to grow them in Europe with seeds from Israel, but the taste is not the same, no matter how much sun they get. Some say it is because they lack the salt in the water or the soil in Europe.

Oh, and lemons from Israel! Real, fragrant, tasty lemons. Years ago, I saw some in a German supermarket, and the quality was really good.

Sure, high-tech, biotech, etc. are much more important to the Israeli economy. But I cannot help: veggies and fruit taste better.

Judith (who is going trouth the larder now in search of that pickled baby lemon jar)