Monday, June 29, 2009

Khaled Meshaal, Peacenik

Hamas leader Khaled Meshaal responds to the positions of Obama and Netanyahu:
"We reject the position taken by Netanyahu... on east Jerusalem, settlement activity, the right of return of Palestinian refugees and his vision of a demilitarised Palestinian state deprived of sovereignty over its land, air space and territorial waters," Meshaal said.Meshaal said Hamas opposed Israel as a Jewish state because that would amount to the denial of the rights of the six million Palestinian refugees."The enemy's leaders call for a so-called Jewish state is a racist demand that is no different from calls by Italian Fascists and Hitler's Nazism," Mashaal said.
This is actually mildly funny, since the Hamas Charter blames the Jews for World War Two (along with WWI and the French Revolution). It's also not in any way new; I'm linking to it not to inform y'all of something you didn't already know, but simply to record the re-iteration of these well-worn positions after all those speeches.
(Via Jeffrey Goldberg)

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Alex Bensky said...

I can at least understand blaming us for the French Revolution, the world wars and the international banking system.

But their charter also blames us for the Rotary and Lions clubs. I don't know if Jews actually had anything to do with the founding of either, but even if we did, how are the Rotarians and Lions effectuating the Zionist conspiracy?

Parenthetically, I do take my hat off to the fecundity of the Palestinianhs. They numbered 700,000 or so in 1949 and today it's six million. You wonder how they can find the time for sleeping, eating, murdering Jews...