Sunday, March 28, 2010

Eliraz Peretz, RIP

The deputy commander of the Golani forces in Hebron at the time of my visit last year was Eliraz Peretz, 32, father of four. He was killed in action yesterday, alongside one of his soldiers, Ilan Sabiatkovski, 21. Eliraz was the brother of Lieutenant Uriel Peretz, killed in action in 1998, and next door neighbor of Major Roi Klein, who was killed when he threw himself on a live grenade to save his troops during the Lebanon war is 2006.

Talking about an incident in Hebron, he told a reporter
"This isn't a simple situation," he said later, "the soldiers need to protect the Jewish settlers and the Palestinian citizens at the same time. Keep calm and collected, and, above all, keep from getting used to things, since the whole place can light up in an instant."

"It may not be natural for soldiers who trained to storm at targets, but this is also one of our missions," he said.


Anonymous said...

OT - Marty Peretz posts a WSJ-subscriber-only-piece on Mabhouh in full - so maybe one should read it before it goes away.
PS: thanks for turning Peretz and Sabiatkovski into real people - the wording of our news was - well - as usual

Ibrahim Ibn Yusuf said...

One year after the Israeli invasion of Gaza, people you were acquainted with continue to die at the border. In the past two weeks a foreign worker and three soldiers were killed: compare that to less than 30 Israeli deaths in the whole Qassam years.

It looks like Cast Lead was a failure. How many Peretz's are you prepared to sacrifice before you admit that force alone won't bring you security?

Anonymous said...

Hi, Ibrahim
your followers on your Buster-blog will not like it that you are talking to Dr. Lozowick again
- if they find out you will get another good reprimand

feeling worried for you ...

annie said...

Fake Ibrahim, Cast Lead was only a failure in that it was not allowed to go on long enough to finish the terrorists off. You can thank the cowardly Olmert and the crawling-to-Arabs Obama Administration for that.

Anonymous said...

How heartbreaking for their families! May their blood be avenged.


Unknown said...

I remember Uriel and Eliraz from elementary school - Uriel was in my class and his brother was one year below us. Uriel was killed on his and my birthday and I remember Eliraz crying at his graveside.

They were good people. None better.