Sunday, March 28, 2010

Recommending Brewster Chamberlin

My old friend Brewster Chamberlin is churning out books. Brewster lives on Key West, which is a bit off my beaten path, so we haven't seen each other for some years now - ever since he retired from his position in Washington DC, actually, and went off to the jungle to write. As anyone who knows him would expect, the books he writes are all over the map. Here's a unique book about Paris, for example: Paris Now and Then. If you're worried, this one is a partial version. In this one he went further south and east: Mediterranean Sketches; in this one he veered away from erudite travel books: Radovic's Dilemma: A Mediterranean Thriller. He also used to write about things related to Nazis, here and here - one of the things he and I have in common is that both of us used to and don't anymore.

I admit I haven't had the time to read them all, but from what I have read, and from knowing the author, his books have got to be better than 98% of what's out there.


Anonymous said...

as there are no editorial reviews available i.e. no further explanations what the books deal with (one seems to be a book of sketches) somebody who knows the books should write a custome review/description of them - even if the books should be self-published they deserve better treatment than this and so a bit of wink-wink should be permissible. After all that would still be well below of what the publishing industry deems correct.


Anonymous said...

Change of topic:

BBC interview with Mayor of Jerusalem Nir Barakat.

Yaacov -

Have a wonderful and kosher Pesach. Maybe after the chag, you will write a post explaining the the conversion issue in Israel. I have tried to read a couple of articles but can't seem to get it straight in my head.


Anonymous said...

link for iPod addicts ;)