Thursday, April 29, 2010

Rabbi Tony!

Some of you will recollect a small discussion we had here last year, about a fibber calling himself Rabbi Tony Jutner. Jutner is a spoof, who leaves outlandish comments on the Forward website so as to churn things up.

Well, he has now made an appearance here, at this small-time blog. Victor spotted him immediately.

One of the folks from the Forward later told me they try to delete Tony's comments, since he's obviously an unruly. I don't think I'll delete him unless he becomes a major pain - why, I don't even delete Fake-Ibrahim's comments, so how could I delete comments by a fake rabbi? However, I do recommend that no-one get upset by him.

(Also, Tony, if you'd like to post some info about who you really are, I promise I won't tell anyone).


Barry Meislin said...

Seemingly, another charming fellow with a way with words and an (infantile?) desire to press buttons, sermonizing from the top of one of the mounts of SF?...

Though he does seem to hold Jews in higher regard than he does Palestinians (i.e., Palestinians really need Jerusalem; Jews don't, not really, and therefore should take the high moral ground, etc.).

File under: Cleaving, tongues, palates (?)

Christian Zionist said...

Is Rabbi Toy Jutner a conscious parody of Tony Judt?

Empress Trudy said...

I think he's Glenn Greenwald and he's serious about what he says

Anonymous said...

Rabbi Tony wrote:

"We Jews are too sophisticated to invest a particular physical locale with sanctity."

Now you have to wonder if the guy has ever actually looked inside a Chumash or knows anything at all about Judaism. Maybe he is a Purim rabbi.