Thursday, April 22, 2010

Readers' Blogs

I'm tickled to see the variety of bloggers who seem to come by this blog from time to time. I don't need to tell you about the big ones, but I thought it might be nice to plug the less well known ones, as a public service.

Morey Altman and Jon Dyson are recent-ish immigrants to Israel; Alex Stein (yes, that Alex Stein) also sort of fits into the category. At first glance Alex has a cool picture of Tel Aviv on his banner, until at second glance you see that it's a few years old and omits a whole clutch of high-rise buildings. You might want to update your skyline, Alex.

Bataween has been here quite a while: the last Jews of Iraq managed to get out, at great danger, many years ago, and I don't think she was of the last. Where most of us chatter away endlessly about the frothy daily news, Point of no return is an original blog that offers an unusual perspective. I don't know how often Bataween comes by here, but her occasional forays have brought her to my attention.

Under the category of "improbables" we've got Sparrow chatter, a woman who lives on the southern island of New Zealand, which is about as far from the Middle East as you can go, and I'm not talking geography. Perhaps she visits this blog to save the hassle of traveling to outer space. But if you think she's from faraway, imagine PJ, a fellow from Bali, Indonesia. I literally fell off my chair when he announced himself one day not that long ago, and that was the moment I decided to do this post by and by.


Alex Stein said...

Yaacov - as you're so observant with the skyline, you will hopefully have noticed that I haven't updated the blog since August 2009. You can also give a plug to, if you want.

bataween said...

Most flattered at the plug, Yaacov, toda raba lekha. I do visit almost daily, although don't often comment. (There's always someone around who can put it better....)
Value your elegant writing style. Also your sensible, cool-headed, middle-of-the-road approach. Just the sort of thing we Mizrahim might be short of!

pj said...

Thanks for the mention. I happenned to do some contract work last year up around Haifa so its interesting to read about the goings ons over your way.
Missing the ice cream shop on the top of the hill (scotch chocolate flavor- who would guess?) and that one girl in coffee shop near the Dan Panorama.

sparrow said...

Hello Mr Lozowick. I am hugely flattered at a mention on your blog. Just for the record, I live on the N. Island, but am a "wannabee" Mailander (what New Zealanders call the S. Island). I came across your blog via Treppenwitz. I have visited Israel a number of times (I'm married to a Jewish man), and have a lot of friends there. Thank you for all your wonderful insights. I have often wandered off to a few other sites that you have mentioned and loved your recent posts on shirim. Blessings to you from 42 degrees below.

Morey Altman said...

Somewhat belated, but another thank you for the mention. I was wondering why my hits suddenly spiked ;)

Ironically - is this actually irony? I can't remember anymore - I've actually been too busy writing (and sick as a dog) to do much blogging. But, I promise to update the blog with a few recent articles from The Jerusalem Report and Essential Ra'anana.