Monday, June 7, 2010

Multi-Tasking Makes us Stupid

That's what it says in this report. Or at least, in the first part of the report. I didn't get all the way through it, because three tweets came in. I'd love to elaborate on the matter, but look at that e-mail that just arrived...


Anonymous said...

this seems to be a review of the book that seems to feed this "new" never heard of before discovery

I'm not interested because somewhere a long time ago I read that multitasking is a myth anyway. That the "brain" is incapable of it and can only create the illusion because it is good at switching between different tasks, a feat that is said to become slower with age,
an info that I found comforting ....


Anonymous said...

that terrible internet again
- as I've heard Tel Aviv is a Bauhaus jewel, here is the NYBooks with a review of a bunch of books on those people
I hope it proves to be enjoyable