Friday, July 30, 2010

From Goldstone to Wikileaks

Robin Shephard, writing from London, notes that the tools crafted against Israel will soon be used against the UK (and America, Germany, Australia, and anyone else engaged in the currect war in Afghanistan). And the next wars after that, I'd add, wherever they might be, unless we assume Mr. Assange and his ilk are going to but an end to war.


peterthehungarian said...

I wouldn't worry about this. These "tools" heve been and will be used exclusively against Israel and Jews.

PS The last name is Shepherd, his blog (together with yours) is one of the best on the ME conflict-Europe/antisemitism subject.

NormanF said...

Goldstone was about the Jews. And its no one else's problem.

Anonymous said...

I think Shepherd has a point

these things have long-term and unforeseeable consequences
- what makes the "first" worlders think that if they throw Israel to the crocodile that they are not going to be next or the one after that? I can't imagine anything else than sheer lunacy. Listen to Kouchner on Burma in here - it must be the last third -
how his voice goes into proselytizing enthusiasm, the desperation that another chance to change the world has been missed when "he" was not allowed to invade Burma. Of course I wish that help had been able to reach the Burmese but at the price of another compromise of borders? Does Kouchner never imagine that some states from whom people reside in France in any number may one day with the support of the majority of UN-members decide that they are so discriminated against by the French state that forceful violation of the French borders (invasion) is mandatory? They are playing with the world in a most irresponsible way and Kouchner in this interview reminded me very much of a pampered child. (I don't buy that had what Kouchner wants been in place at any time of the 3rd Reich that "they" had invaded early on.)

did the then dominating the world founders of the UN foresee that the outnumbering of them by new states would become so big that a UNHRC Observerlist (whatever that stands for) like the current is possible? Where Palestine is listed as an "Other Observer" and Taiwan not at all? (if I remember correctly the fashionable belief at the time when the UN was founded was that states would become ever greater and fewer - now we have Scotland and Belgium dreaming, we had Kosovo, we had Czechoslovakia splitting etc etc.)

So I very much doubt, that they saw coming what we've got now. At least as to Churchill I'd bet that he wanted to uphold domination for his island as long as possible and thus would have come up with a structure that would have made an outcome where he was vastly outnumbered, less likely.

So as much as they gloat and glee now and are blind to anything else but riding their old hobby-horse of hurting the Jews and as much as it may hurt Israel now, I think chances are pretty good that all us wannabe "righteous" ones will have quite a price to pay eventually.

There is a play
which gives one a very astute picture of what happens if one is too nonchalant in the field of self-interest.


AKUS said...

Even leaving aside the immorality and self aggrandizement that lies behind these leaks, it is, in a macabre way, fascinating to see how the lessons of Nazi Germany, Inquisition Spain, and anti-Semitism through the ages have not been absorbed in Western nations. What starts with the Jews invariably comes back, in spades, to destroy those who persecuted the Jews.