Friday, July 30, 2010

The Goal of BDS is No Israel

Noah Pollak sends a link to this YouTube about the real goals of the BDS movement: not peace between Israel and Palestine, but No Israel.


Anonymous said...

No Israel translates for me into in the not so distant future into no Jews of any standing in the area

- let's assume that even some or a lot of the muslim co-existers are decent and honourable people then for me the question remains how should they do any better at reining in their radicals when in charge in yet another country than they are doing in the countries where they are in charge now?

Let them prove their capabilities and earnestness somewhere else first.

Once upon a time we read a lot about Salami tactics (i.e. one slice at a time) - (I think it was en vogue even before domino theory)

an image which I think is worth to become popular again


Lee Ratner said...

This surprises people? The BDS people aren't pro-Palestinian, they are anti-Israeli and anti-Jewish. They view Israel as colonial entity and the Jewish people as an illegitimate ethnicity. They think this way because they are stupid. They seek to wage war against Jewish culture and identity whether its expressed by a Jew as an individual or the Jewish people as a collective.

Israel is evil to them because it is an expression of the collective identity and culture of the Jewish people. It is where the holidays are our holidays, the customs our customs, and the history and literature taught in schools ours. The language spoken is a Jewish language, it is the premier Jewish language.

Note, this doesn't change my belief about the proper way to resolve the Israel-Palestinian conflcit. When an independent Palestine exists and the BDS groups continue to fight for sanctions than the world would see their monstrosity.

Anonymous said...

how very fitting that last night I read a piece by Danny Ayalon in the WSJ which reminded me of a series of events which seems to have not been Goldstoned yet and if so to extremely limited public interest.

If the public is so willing and capable of learning and adjusting its opinions to reality as you assume, that string of events surely should have triggered some learning curve as to the difficulties of keeping "them" from doing whatever their fancy demands they'll do.

In my experience, if an event triggers a willingness to change the public's perception it gets written about again and again. Even though the death of 500 people (do you know off-hand how many of them were civilians?) was involved this is the first time I seem to have been reminded of it since then.

In my book Israel doing whatever all the pundits and super-experts demand she should be doing will not change a iota instead, like the king did with the miller's daughter, Israel will be asked to spin another chamber full of straw into gold.

The more sophisticated ones will argue that it didn't work out because in the process Israel made this or that or the other mistake, mind you Israel made the mistake the "others" will always considered as to be unable to help themselves because "it" is not their "culture".

and always remember the price Rumpelstilzchen demanded for its help - only after the by now king's wife got vicious could she hope to keep her first child to herself.

And you still believe a variation on "more of the same" will change any of that?


NormanF said...

As Ya'acov will note, the Nazis first goal after coming to power in Germany was to organize a boycott of the Jews. Isolating them was the prelude to ensuring their annihilation.

The more things change... well the BDS movement wants to kill all of the Jews in Israel - not today but someday. And isolating Israel is the prelude necessary to achieve what they really want. These are the anti-Semites I respect: the ones who don't pretend to give a damn about a two-state solution or peace in the Middle East.

Lee Ratner said...

NormanF, for once I agree with you. The BDS people are against all forms of Jewish identity and culture and seek to oppress us.

Anonymous said...

here is a website reporting regularly on how BDS is done on a "muscular" every second saturday basis in London

and here is a report from a pro-Israel participant

Both combined have made it become very real for me


PS: I'd promised myself quite some time ago to write a ululating e-mail to any supermarket-company on whose shelf I find an Israeli product. I had reason to do it once last year. With or without the loud mouths it seems to do "well"