Sunday, November 28, 2010

Electrifying Traffic

The Economist has given space to Israeli Shai Agassi to explain how he's trying to save the world by cutting exhaust emissions of cars, fast. He says China and Israel are leading the way.

He also stands to make billions of $ if he's right, but more elbow power to him for that, if you ask me. Better innovations that move mankind forward, than hair-shirt measures like halting all air traffic or similar idiocies advocated by the Guardian and its like.

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AKUS said...

Agassi is brilliant, and his idea of replacing the battery at battery replacement stations, in place of today's gasoline stations, solves the cost and convenience problem.

It is a strategic imperative for Israel - it may reduce the Arab oil power globally, as well as reducing Israel's oil dependency.

See him here:

Shai Agassi at TED